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Swing sleeping

My DD is 2 weeks old and will only sleep on my chest or in her swing. Does anyone else let their baby sleep in the swing? I read an article saying babies should only be put in a swing for like an hour a day but I've also been told to pick my battles and if she's content let her sleep there.

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  • You need to get sleep, too. It's unsafe for you not to - if the only way that's possible is to let LO sleep in the swing then so be it. My first time around these boards taught me that anything goes when it comes to LO sleeping. Never say never and be flexible, that's all you can do.
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  • Yeah, I would do it. She will eventually outgrow it. Most nights the only way my DD will sleep is if we hold her upright. We have tried everything else, with little success, but aren't giving up. My DS was similar, and while we had to sleep train him later on, he quickly became a GREAT sleeper!!
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  • Yup sometimes it's the only place she will fall asleep. Plus she takes two 3 hr naps in it a day. The first 3 months are all about survival IMO.

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  • It's the only way my daughter will take a long (mostly uninterrupted) nap during the day.  She sleeps in it for 3 hours.
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  • My son was in his swing for HOURS and he's 20 months old and fine.. My baby sister was in it for HOURS and she's 21 and fine.. The swing was the only thing that worked when my first was born.. He stayed in it for 6 hours at a time bc he loved it way more than anything else. I wouldn't worry about it.
  • Sleep is important, no matter where. Let DD sleep wherever she wants. :)
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  • My DS usually sleeps in his swing from 5am to 8am because otherwise he wont go back to sleep in the morning. As far as I'm concerned if it gets mama and baby some rest I'm not worried about it. I'm a better mom and he's a better baby if we rest lol 
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  • My DD2 slept in her car seat for months due to reflux and general crappy sleeping. Is somewhere other than the crib ideal? No. But it's realistic. As long as LO can't fall out (is strapped in safely) I see no problem. Whether it be a RNP, a carseat, a swing as long as they are getting some sleep and are not confined to it 24 hours a day I think you are fine.
  • I have twins who both have reflux. They are fine in their bassinets at night, but during the day, I let them sleep wherever they are comfortable. Usually for DS it's strapped in the bouncy seat or occasionally the swing. For DD, it's usually RNP or on Boppy next to me on the couch. Like pps said, it's not ideal, but it helps me keep some sanity. Otherwise they would be screaming all day and never take a nap. As soon as I lay them in their cribs or bassinets during the day they wake up and cry.
  • My DD is 10 wks and has been sleeping in swing (no motion) bc of the incline. She has some reflux when first born. Naps are in crib or pnp to get her used to sleeping flat. Will transition to crib for nights in couple weeks :)
  • DS sleeps in a RnP at night and a swing or bouncey seat during the day. As long as they can't fall out I say you're fine.
  • The swing is the ONLY place other than our chest Jake will sleep.  I had often wondered the same thing myself.  He has now decided he will sleep on his stomach.......  He can hold his head up and turn it side to side, so I may be trying this in his crib soon.  
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