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What did your pedi say?

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At LO's 4 month appointment, what did your pedi say about when they should start solids?

What did your pedi say? 185 votes

Wait until 6 months to start anything.
21% 39 votes
You can start cereal/oatmeal, but wait until 6 months for everything else.
15% 28 votes
You can start feeding LO solids now.
34% 64 votes
11% 22 votes
Didn't have LO's 4 month appointment yet.
17% 32 votes

Re: What did your pedi say?

  • Pedi said that she would rather we waited until 6 months to start anything, but that if we really wanted to start cereals before then, it was okay.
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  • Mine said it's our choice, but we can go ahead and start anytime. He's 4.5 months and we haven't yet. Waiting until closer to 6. Although he stares at me with longingly eyes every time I'm eating...


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  • Oddly enough we didn't even talk about it!


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    She said we could start now because Hudson has great head control but that it is completely up to us whether we start or wait until 6 months. She also mentioned that there is some new research out there that feeding babies earlier than 6 months may actually be beneficial, but that the research was new and there wasn't much to back it up yet. 

    I think this is the research she was referring too because she talked about allergies. 
    The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology released a study in January that found babies who started eating solid foods at 4 months old had a reduced risk of allergies and asthma.

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  • We moved so it was our 1st visit with this pedi. She said I could give him cereal if he still seemed hungry after breastfeeding. I still plan on waiting until 6 months for any solids.

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  • He said to wait until 6 months for everything.

  • She said 5 months but we are waiting until 6.
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  • She said they generally recommend starting at six months, but if we started slightly early, like five and a half months, it wouldn't be a big deal. We don't plan on starting until six months, though.
  • Our regular pedi is on maternity leave so we had his 4 month appt with another pedi who I liked. She asked if we had started and I said that we were waiting until closer to 6 months. She said that was fine, but no later then 6 months. She mentioned that it used to be recommended to start after 6 monyhs b/c they thought it might help w/ allergies, but now they don't think that's the case. She also mentioned that cereals were popular to start b/c of the extra iron & b/c you can mix it with BM so it tastes the same. I think we're going to start about 5-5.5 months w/ purées

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  • mine said 6 months but to give LO an iron supplement in the meantime.  Something about how breast milk is lacking in all the iron that he needs until he starts solids at that time.

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  • I put other, ours recommended starting between five and six months.


  • Ours was pretty laid back about it. She said if we wanted to start we could before six months. We might start at five ish months.
  • Doc said to wait for 6 months because he's such a chunk monster, give him a chance to be more mobile and burn some calories :)
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  • Ours told us thay we could start anywhere between 4-6 months and recommended we start with rice cereal or oatmeal because we could mix it with breastmilk and it would taste similar, plus it would help DD get used to using a spoon and different textures.

    We told her we wanted to wait until 6 months and possibly do BLW. She said that she fully supported our decision. I think she just told us what most of the patients at the practice do, but was impressed we have done so much research.

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  • Apt is tomorrow, I'm curious to hear what they say about that.
  • She said we can start now or wait until 6 months. I said I would prefer to wait until 6 months. I don't see any reason for him to start yet.
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  • CarolynL8 said:

    I was told that i could start but not as a meal. Its more to just get him used to using different muscles and using a spoon.
    ETA and to get used to the new textures.

    This exactly!

  • We were advised that we could start with cereal if we wanted but since LO was a month early it was preferred / suggested we wait until 6 months then see if she was ready. But if we were really eager we could give it a try. 

    We are waiting. 
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  • She said we could start cereal, especially because LO is sleeping less than she used to...  I smiled, nodded, and said I wasn't in a hurry.
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  • He said skip rice cereal but do oatmeal then veggies. I said I was planning on waiting until 6 months, he said he encourages starting earlier because there is a lot of research that shows introducing food before 6 moths prevents allergies. I'm definitely not considering solids until 5 months and still might wait until 6, it depends on DD.

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  • My pedi pretty much pushed rice cereal. He said I can add it to the bottle. I said I bf. he said I should pump then add it in. Eff that noise. He's old and going to retire soon :9
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  • We were told to wait and we would discuss at his 6 month visit what foods we could introduce first. Since I have to eat dairy, soy, gluten, tree nut, and peanut free, things could get tricky.

    No worries, we didn't start DS1 on solids until 8 months and he didn't actually put anything into his mouth until 11 months.
  • Pedi said that she would rather we waited until 6 months to start anything, but that if we really wanted to start cereals before then, it was okay.
    This.. verbatim.

  • Mine said that I could start if I wanted but that it's also fine to wait until 6 months.  Since I'm a STM she told me to play it by ear and trust my gut.  
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  • Mine said to wait until 6 months.

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  • I voted for other because our pedi didn't bring it up since he was more worried about LO not gaining any weight but I had planned to wait till 6 months anyways.

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  • I told him we planned to wait the AAP recommended 6 months and he agreed. I don't feel the need to start any sooner for any reason.
  • Our pedi said we can start veggies now, but I am starting with the oatmeal and rice cereal. She said it might help him STTN (it hasn't) and she said that he shouldn't be waking up that much in the middle of the night either.

  • She said we're good to wait until 6 months. Her suggestion was when A starts showing real interest in our food, and trying to take it, that's usually a good indicator that she's ready. She suggested starting with rice cereal or another cereal.
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  • My doctor told us it was an individual decision and whenever her and I are both ready to go ahead with solids.  He mentioned starting with cereal and moving from there, but he didn't give me doctors orders on how to proceed.
  • Our Dr. said that based on LOs size and weight (99% and 81%) that we could easily start solids at 5 months. She recommended having him start to play with an infant spoon when DH and I are eating dinner and every once and a while we could even put some breast milk on the spoon so it has a little reward. 

    **DH and I are going to wait as close to 6 mo. as we can I think, but boy does LO love his little spoon!!
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