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Do you still...

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Do you still have MOTN feeds?

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Re: Do you still...

  • He was sttn (9/10 hr stretches) but we are in the wakefull period right now. But things are lookin up! Only 2 motn feedings recently!


  • I hope I don't jinx us that I put no. He woke up a few times last week because he had a cold but has been STTN since 2 months.

  • No, haven't in months.
  • BC&LM said:

    No, haven't in months.

  • Every once in a while. But most of the time, no.
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  • Arlo has never gotten up less than twice between 8 and 5:30 am. Usually it's 3 to 4 times. He's snuggly and cute and I love him but I could definitely stand to see less of him from 10pm to 6am!

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  • Yup. Even before the regression she had 2 feeding in a 12 hour night. I'm hoping she'll drop them on her own after we are out of the sleep regression.

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  • My LO has only STTN like two times ever. He wakes up two times every night. Usually around 1am and 4:30am.
  • She still gets up at least once in the night.
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  • Yes, usually twice.  She acts genuinely hungry, so I am not stressing about it.
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  • She was STTN. Not anymore. It gets worse every night and I've been doing this for 5 or 6 weeks already. I'm ready for some sleep!

    Last night she only woke up once, but then she stayed awake. Hello 4am. The night before it was 3 times and the night before that was 4 times. The night before that she decided sleep was for suckers and wanted to play all night. Other than that, it was 2-3 times a night. I miss sleep.
  • No MOTN feeding, but up at least once to pump... :((


  • What is this STTN you speak of...?





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