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  • My mouth kind of hit the floor on this one.



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    Uhhh, she's handing them out to children "she feels are moderately obese". So, if you are a little bigger than your friends, they all get Snickers and you get a letter telling you you're a fatty. Horrible.

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  • The number of children that have low self esteem to begin with is terrible. I could not imagine the hurt it would cause to receive a letter telling me I was fat as an adult, let alone a kid.

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  • The number of children that have low self esteem to begin with is terrible. I could not imagine the hurt it would cause to receive a letter telling me I was fat as an adult, let alone a kid.
    Seriously! And why would she think it's her place to put a child down. Unbelievable.

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  • My first thought like LL was thinking she might have weight issues herself but going about it the way she has isn't going to do a child any favors. If anything it'll make them feel worse. Most of all people are different shapes and sizes. If I brought DS there (he's a big kid but solid) would she think about giving him a slip of paper? Hypothetical I know but still. She's crazy. I hope her house gets toilet papered and has flaming poop in a bag on her porch!



  • I heard that on the news today. She better be prepared for some backlash.

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  • She's an asshole.  Yet another person who thinks they know better than someone's parent.  I'm not saying that childhood obesity isn't a valid concern, but if it's not your kid, I see no reason for you to belittle someone else's child.

    I hope her house gets egged.

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    It's not that hard to hand out boxes of raisins or pretzels instead of candy. That would be a better choice.

    ETA: I mean she could give these to ALL kids, if that wasn't clear.
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  • wow, that's just...wrong.  I hope a parent sucker punched her before the night was out.
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  • That's so mean. There is no excuse for an adult to humiliate a child.

    Wait, no, I take that back. If any little kids ever hurt my babies, I will ruin their lives.

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  • Wow...so she's going to give candy to the kids she seems thin enough? Did it occur to her that there might be children who have health issues that cause them to appear/be "moderately obese". This lady would def get egged in my neighborhood!
  • What a bitch, my guess is she will end up on everyone's list of houses to skip.
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  • I see Halloween as a totally acceptable time to consume candy. We were always exhausted after ToTing in the freezing cold for hours. We seriously probably got a good few miles of walking in. We earned that candy. This lady can suck it, along with the people who hand out "Halloween = devil worship" pamphlets.
  • My parents used to make us throw away anything that wasn't wrapped well, or that they deemed especially unhealthy. Lesson learned, EAT ANYTHING NOT WELL WRAPPED ON THE TOT WALK.

    Also, this woman is clearly an asshole. There's sort of a difference between caring about childhood obesity and healthy eating, and trying to shame people - little KIDS - into feeling bad about their weight. 
  • I'd like to see some of the letters she receives.


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  • This just makes me sad for those kids.  And if she really has that big of an issue with kid's health - then give out something else other than candy!

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  • Sounds like a prime candidate for the ol' flaming dog poop on the porch trick. 
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  • I just hope that the parents of any kid that gets this letter go through their candy bag and intercept it before the kid sees it.  Whattabitch.
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