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BLW and daycare

(This may be a stupid question...) We are waiting to start solids at 6 months but I've started to research more about BLW and our options for feeding LO solids. I definitely want to stay away from anything processed so my original plan before learning about BLW was to puree my own baby food or use organic when I need to. I was just wondering for the BTDT moms, did your LO follow BLW guidelines at daycare or did you send purees? Our daycare provides Gerber baby food so I'm not sure if they would give LO solids if I were to send them. 

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  • If you are paying them they should do what you ask. That being said there might be some liability with the choking hazard of BLW (just trying to see things from both sides). I used to send watermelon slices and whole bananas to school and they let Bradley eat them no problem. You just have to open the conversation and let them know exactly what you want them to do.
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  • I kind if did what @wasnotwas did. I sent all sorts of things for him to pick up himself when he first started daycare at around 12 months, like black beans, tofu cubes and cut up fruit or veggies. I pretty much just said this is what he was eating. I live in a pretty hippie dippie community though so he wasn't the only BLW kiddo. I mean he was one of 3 kids in cloth diapers so organic tofu was pretty standard in our circle here. I'm sure if you just tell them what you want it should be fine- you are the customer!

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  • We started doing BLW with DS1 at supper time. Then we added in breakfast. The last addition was lunch at daycare. We just sent the same stuff he was used to eating at home and he did great. We skipped the whole purée and baby food stage.
  • Our daycare has said they will not do BLW because of the chocking hazard and the fact that there are 3 other babies in the room and while lO is supervised, the "what if" factor is scary. We will do BLW at night and send purees for daycare. 
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