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GD moms, especially 2+ - push for early GTT?

I had GD with both of my daughters. Diagnosed at 28w with DD1 and on insulin by 29w. With DD2, I failed the 1hr at 11w and immediately started diet/testing, then failed the 3hr at 13w and got the official diagnosis. I started insulin at 18w.

I am now 10w4d with baby #3. I asked the dr about an early GTT at about 7 weeks and she said she'd order it at a later appt. I had an appt yesterday and she did not order it. After waiting 45min in a paper gown for 5 min with her, I forgot to ask about it. My next appt isn't until almost 15w. I am already following the diet, as best as I can with the all day nausea, but can't test at home as my strips from last time have expired. 

So my question is, if you were me and knowing my history of GD, would you wait until the 15w appt and request the GTT? Or call and pester the office until they get the dr to order it ASAP?  
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