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4 month appointments

How are they going? Any interesting advice / information? Any different reactions to shots? Etc.

Re: 4 month appointments

  • Last time she had exorcism vomiting and luckily this round of shots saw no side effects. And I will say (knock on wood) her sleep regression may be slowing. She has been sleeping until 3/4 am now!
  • 2 months he had a fever, not this time!


  • I have hope now that O will be just fine at his 4 month shots on Friday! He was in bad shape with his two month shots (at least for a day and a half.) He screamed his head off anytime his legs were touched- and spiked a fever. 


  • Swell. Zero reaction to the shots. 16lbs 14oz 25inches. 

    The Dr. seemed surprised we only feed from one breast at a time, because she's such a little chunker. 

    Also said I could go until 6 months before starting solids pretty easily if I wanted. Which I do. 
    Hudson had the exact same stats and I also only feed from one breast at a time and every 3-4 hours. My pedi also said we can start solids now or wait. We will wait since our little chunky monkey is obviously not starving :)
  • It went okay. She handled the shots so much better (only cried for less than a minute), but had the same reaction as last appointment. She had sore little legs so she cried really hard for awhile (started hurting about 4-5 hours after the shots). We had a lot of fussiness and comfort nursing, but she was good as new the next day. 18.4 lbs, 26 inches
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  • It went good. Jocelyn is 15lbs6oz and 25 in long. Dr said we can start solids at 6mo. Shots were still hard on me, but DH went too, so she didn't cry as much as the first time. He kept saying blame mommy to her afterwards. After, she slept most of the day away.
  • My LO really must be skinny 26.5 inches and 14.6 pounds. I feed her all the time too!
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