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Halloween Candy...

May be the death of me.  I am not a candy eater... or chocolate.  I prefer salty snacks much much more than sweet however, my hormonal body is craving otherwise and I could not stay away from the reeses last night.  Eek!
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Started seeing RE Aug 2013

Cycle #1  – IUI #1  10.31.13 - BFN

Cycle #2 - IUI #2 cancelled – FAIL

Cycle #3 - IUI #2 12.27.13  BFN

Cycle #4 -  IUI #3 1.24.14  BFN

Cycle #5 - IVF #1 with ICSI(2 3bb blasts) 3.19.14, no frosties.. BFN

Surprise BFP on 6.10.14 ... Miscarried 7.7.14 

Walked away from Fertility Treatments and began to look into our Foster/Adopt License in April 2014.

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Re: Halloween Candy...

  • LOL. I bought some for Trick or Treaters, but then put it somewhere out of sight so I wouldn't be reminded I had it.

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  • I didn't realize how expensive candy is! 

    Surprisingly, I bought some yesterday and we didn't get into it last night.  We'll see if it stays unopened til Thursday.  I bet not.  :)

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    Polyp found: SIS 11/11 - hysteroscopy 11/14
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    IUI cancelled due to weather
    Cycle 22: Follistim + IUI#3.1 = BFN

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  • Snickers peanut butter squares have become my crack. I ate every one of them in the house last night and I'm picking up more on the way home-sweet and salty for my hormonal rollercoaster. 
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    DH:34, no issues
    9/13: DOR DX
     Clomid w/IUI cycle #1& 2=BFN
    Gonal-f w/ IUI cycle #3: 150 IU/day, IUI 12/16=BFP! Beta#1=175 on 12/30, beta#2=950 on 1/3, beta #3=9035 on 1/9; first U/S 1/17 showed one beautiful heartbeat @ 114,  second U/S on 1/24 hr=156 and everything perfect!

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  • DH has been wanting to buy candy "for the trick or treaters" for a few weeks now.. I refuse and am probably going to get it tonight or tomorrow.

    I'm also toying with the idea handing out hard-boiled eggs wrapped in foil to teenagers and/or adults with infants.

    Alexander - 8/9/14
  • I have tried to talk my husband into handing out fruit snacks or something healthier for halloween this year but he doesn't want us to be "that house" so I guess we will buy candy after all. 

    I am waiting until tomorrow night or thursday to buy any so there is no time for me to eat it. 

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    Lap and Hysteroscopy June 2012

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    Treatments:  6 Months Lupron Depot injections; 1500 mg metformin; 3 cycles of Clomid + TI = BFN

    3 endometrial biopsies all were "out of phase" 

    September - December, 2013:  Break to lose weight and get healthy

    40 lb weight loss but still not ovulating "in phase"  

    February - March 2014: bcps + follistim + trigger + TI = BFP

     Beta #1 (12dpo): 30; Beta #2 (18dpo): 500; Beta #3 (25dpo): 7,000!!! 

    1st u/s 4/16: One beautiful hb at 144 bmp 

    2nd u/s 4/29: hb at 166 bmp.  Graduated from RE!!


    Baby girl arrived on Thanksgiving day weighing 7lbs 6oz and measuring 20 inches


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  • I work at a job where we have vendors occasionally bring us goodies, but it's gone into overdrive for Halloween...between the candy, cupcakes, and cookies, I can't take it!

    Me 33, DH 37 -- TTC since Jan'12 -- Low AMH (0.78) & endo, SA w/ low motility
    IUI's 1-3 = BFN, IVF converted to IUI 4/13 = BFN
    IVF 1.2: 8R 6M 4F -- 2 blastocysts frozen, FET 8/15 = BFP!!
    Beta #s = 445;1,098; 9,545  -- EDD 5/2 -- Team Pink!
    Camila Josephine arrived 4/30 :)
  • I've been eating more candy/chocolate this week than i've eaten in the past year. This thread made me not feel so bad!

    Me and DH: 32, TTC since 2/2012
    Dx: lean PCOS, low hormone levels, 2 CP's before seeing RE, MTHFR heterozygous
    IUI #1 with clomid and ovidrel: BFN
    IUI #2 with clomid (unresponsive), femara, ovidrel and novarel: Possible CP
    IUI #3 with femara, ovidrel and novarel: BFN
    IUI #4 with Follistim (115 iu) and ovidrel= BFN, developed OHSS, benched- 2 weeks of birth control pills
    IUI #5 with Follistim (75iu) and ovidrel= BFN........Taking a medication break for a few months
    IUI #6 with Follistim (75iu) every other day, femara and Lupron trigger= BFN
    *Taking a long break to get healthy and research/prepare for IVF*
    Goal: gain 5 lbs, gluten/dairy/soy/nut free
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  • aliletz said:
    I'm also toying with the idea handing out hard-boiled eggs wrapped in foil to teenagers and/or adults with infants.
    Haha!  I love this idea!  I hate when adults and teens come trick or treating!
    Baby girl N born 10/29/14!

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  • FYI if any of you know anyone with a Sams Club membership by your candy there.  I got a huge bag, I think it was 160 pieces for $8 of snickers, 3 musketeers, twix, m & ms, & milky ways.  I know at my local super market the big bag was 120 pieces for $12. 
    Ba hahahaha!


    Me-30 DH-34
    2002- Diagnosed with PCOS at 18
    10/11-10/12 - tried to conceive naturally with Metformin, due to PCOS never had a cycle
    10/12-12/12 3 cycles of Clomid - fail
    6/13- 1st cycle on Clomid 50mg, Metformin, Follistim, and Ovidrel- BFN
    7/13 2nd cycle on Clomid 50 mg, Metformin, Follistim, and Ovidrel 1st IUI - BFN
    8/13 3rd cycle on Clomid 50 mg, Metformin, Follistim, and Ovidrel 2nd IUI - BFN
    9/13 4th cycle on Clomid 50 mg, Metformin, Follistim, and Ovidrel - Benched with Cysts
    From 12/13 to current I have ovulated 4 times naturally
    Currently on break to get healthy.... 35 pounds down, 13 to go!
    All Are Welcome!!

  • Last year, since it was our first year in the suburbs, I bought enough candy for at least 100 kids.

    We got 4 ... 4! trick or treaters.

    We got so sick of eating candy and none of our friends wanted it after a while.



  • I totally broke into the Halloween candy as well. I just *HAD* to, ha. @EmeJay that happened at the last house we moved to. Huge neighborhood, always kids out playing...and a grand total of 7 trick-or-treaters. After we moved to this house, I asked the new neighbors what to expect so we wouldn't be stuck with bags of candy. 

    This site has some nice alternatives to candy that may or may not work (read: get your house egged). I may try one of these next year since you can buy some of the stuff in bulk from places like Oriental Trading Company

    I'd be a fan of the glow sticks :-)
    {Me:27, Dx:PCOS, LPD, & rob(14;15)}
    {DH:31 all clear, "super sperm"}
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  • I put a sign on the candy that I bought last week saying "do not open until Hallowee".  But then last Friday was my birthday and I broke down.  When DH asked I just replied "It was my birthday, I can do what I want!"  It was funny...  we both enjoyed that bag of Starburts all weekend. 

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    Me: 39 (PCOS)
    DH: 47 (slightly low volume...considered MFI)
    TTC since 11/2012
    10/2013:  IUI#1 BFN - 50mg clomid, two .75mg shots of Bravelle, ovidril trigger...1 follicle
    11/14/13: IUI#2 BFN - 50mg clomid, two .75 mg shots of Bravelle, ovidrill trigger..2 follicles

    IVF #1 w/ICSI:  ER 3/12/14; ET 3/17/14:  BFP!!!  Beta #1 3/31/14=1540;  Beta #2 4/2/14 =2551

    Twin A became an angel on 4/30/14 (8w6d)

    Twin B became an angel on 5/21/14 (11w6d)

    D&C 5/23/14

    FET#1 - 9/2/14 - BFP!!! Beta #1 (9/15): 926.  Beta #2 (9/17): 1946.

    MC -9/20/14
    FET#2 - 4/20/15 - BFP!!! Beta #1 (5/4): 1277.  Beta #2 (5/6): 2817.  US#5 -153 heartbeat.
    Due Date: January 6, 2016
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