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Green boogers.

I was suctioning out my LOs nose this morning with saline and the bulb and I pulled one boogie from each side that was green in color. Both were a darker green and crusty. Not snotty. Her temp is ok, eating fine, diapers are wet/poopy as normal. Think these 2 green boogies warrant a call to the pedi?
Thanks in advance!

Re: Green boogers.

  • No. It's a booger.
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    Ffrey1119kelseyjohnston[Deleted User]kcs7
  • @mrscountry527
    I agree. I think I needed a second opinion to ease my mind she wasn't getting sick. Thank you.

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  • @lalamama81 she wasn't congested I could see it flapping in her nostril as she was breathing so I got it out for her.

  • Just a booger.  If she started showing signs of being sick, then maybe.  But it's just a boog.

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