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How much does your LO eat?

Im a FTM and confused as to how many oz my LO should be eating. He is 4 weeks old, eats every 2-3 hours, and I EP so it is breastmilk but from a bottle. He has been eating between 2-3 oz at a time. How do I know when he needs more Im just worried he's not getting enough? I know w formula it is different and when nursing you wouldn't know the oz anyway...but I guess Im just wondering if I should put more in each bottle? He seems content after each feeding but just curious on when I should increase?
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Re: How much does your LO eat?

  • I'm a FTM who EBF but when we use a bottle for when im away he use to eat about 2 oz. He is over 2 months now and takes 3 oz. You will know when he needs more. He'll still be restless and might even cry. Good luck it will all come to you!
  • My LO is 2 months and takes 4 oz. in a feeding, except for morning feedings where she does 6 oz. She occasionally snacks between feedings, and does 2 oz. during those sessions. I agree with previous posters, little one will let you know when they need to increase.

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  • We follow the advice of our ped- 2.5oz per pound per day. Right now that means 5oz bottles 6x per day, sometimes 7. He's 8w and 15lb 5 oz.
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  • Your LO should never need more than 3-4 oz of BM in one feeding. As your LO grows, your BM changes in composition to meet his needs. It is not like formula, where you have to constantly increase the quantity.

    If he has plenty of wet diapers and is gaining wt, then you're good!
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  • Out pediatrician said its best to add 1 to however old they are and that's about how many ounces they should eat in 2-3 hours. If your LO is 1 1/2 months, then add 1 I that (so you get 2 1/2). Your LO should eat about 2 1/2 - 3 oz per feeding. Fyi- Our twins are 5 weeks and have been eating 2-3 oz for about a week.
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