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Birthday Party Ideas

Hi everyone! Im new to this board (I just realized that it exists!) but I post on other Nest and Bump boards a bit more often. Now that I know about this board, I will be stalking it as I always have questions related to DD1!

My current issue is her upcoming 4th birthday party. Does anyone have ideas for kind of medium-sized parties? Now that she really "Gets" birthdays and parties Id like to do something special for her beyond our usual immediate family gathering for cake deal. But I also cant afford the several hundred dollars a lot of the typical birthday party places charge.

Any thoughts on doing a small party at home, maybe inviting 3-5 friends over and doing some kind of activity or game or playdate with cake? Im trying to balance a nice celebration with not a lot of work or expense. SOME work or expense is okay, but Im trying to keep it limited and manageable.

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Re: Birthday Party Ideas

  • We've only had family parties so far, but I think have a few friends over for cake is totally do-able. Just pick a theme and go with that. At that age, you really don't need much. They will have fun just playing a bit. 

    DD went to a party for a cousin that was a princess dress up party. Literally all they did was have a big trunk of dress up clothes, dress up, take pictures, play, and have lunch/cake, open presents. 

    For my DD, we did a tea party theme last year (with adult guests) and that was really fun. For kids, you could ask them to dress up, and let them do some kind of craft (make a bead necklace to wear at the fancy lunch) and serve sandwiches cut out with cookie cutters, fruit kabobs, cupcakes or whatever. We had lemonade in tea cups. Maybe they could even choose their sandwich shape and cut it out.

    Pizza making party. 
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  • my first thought was a pizza making party. also good is a cupcake decorating or cookie decorating party. depending on the time of year of her bday, you could incorporate a holiday theme too (i.e. we did pumpkin painting for DS's 3rd bday which is October).
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