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Freaked out mama

I am 11 weeks tmrw. I don't think I am showing just yet and my symptoms seem to be going away. I've only been really tired and nausea. I have only seen heartbeat at 7 weeks which was a good strong heartbeat. and won't be able to hear it for another month at my appt. was anyone else freaked like I am worrying the baby is not there anymore. Can't stop thinking about it. ??

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  • I'm in the same boat as you. Saw the heart fluttering at our first ultrasound but too soon to hear it. Now at 11 weeks I don't think I'm showing, really no symptoms except food eversions and some leg cramps at night. Our next appointment is a week away. Can't get here soon enough!
  • I wish mine was next week to. Lol. I have to stop researching online. I'm driving myself crazy with what could happen. Even driving my husband nuts :
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  • Totally normal for you to feel that way! I was like that with my first pregnancy this is my third. The main thing I would tell you is not to stress!! Stress can literally kill!! Not to sound so harsh. But I lost baby number two to stress. Just relax. Especially if you we're small before pregnancy it will take a while for the baby bump to make its appearance. At the end of the day If you are still worried you can always make an earlier appointment with your OB/GYN for a check up. They can't turn you away : Good luck moms to be!!
  • I haven't heard the heartbeat yet myself. Although I have been to my first OB visit and said I'm measuring just right. I recently bought a fetal heartbeat doppler. I have yet to hear a thing :(..I am 10 weeks and 3 days. I got to my second OB visit Monday. I hope to hear a heartbeat, it scares me to death! I have been trying not to get to excited, being this is my second pregnancy but only 7 years later. So that is the reason why I'm a lil' apprehensive. I'm still in shock of finding out that I'm expecting (after 11 positive ptests, 9 home pests and 2 clinic). I'm just scared that there isn't a baby :( I can't get it out of my head either. I to, research a lot and I think it's making me crazier!! Sincerely, a momma to be, again!
  • I still find it hard to believe I am pregnant still as well. I will be 12 weeks on Tuesday. I still don't feel I am showing yet. My husband notices a difference but I sure dont. My doctor is on vacation for 2 weeks so they take me any sooner. I just need to hear heartbeat than my fears will go away I'm sure.
  • I'm the same way! I have had the easiest pregnancy (barely any nausea) and only tired.  We go next week to hear the heartbeat for the first time and it can't come soon enough! Just hang in there! I'm sure everything is fine. :-)
  • I feel the same way! like when I'm not feeling nauseous, which is normal for me lately, I feel like something is wrong because I always feel sick but now it's starting to go away more now that I'm further along. : congrats to you tho! good luck, I'm sure everything is fine 3
  • I am pregnant with my fifth. I also have had less symptoms recently, and feeling well enough to be a little worried. But I saw my doctor today, had an ultrasound, and saw our baby jumping. I think maybe once the major systems are formed, things mellow out.
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    I saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks and haven't gotten any updates since. So far, I have had a pretty easy pregnancy (barely any symptoms) and I am not showing at all. I have at times when I've even forgotten I am pregnant and have reached out for a glass of wine before suddenly remembering! I will have another ultra sound next week. I'll be 11 weeks then and hope to see our LO on the screen. Until the bump gets here, the ultrasounds are what is keeping me connected.
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  • Don't freak out too much!!! I think every woman experiences something different so it is really easy to get nervous when you read about common symptoms and symptoms you "should be" experiencing. The symptoms are so broad that it is totally okay to not experience them all or experience them at different intensities. I am similar to you because some days I feel REALLY pregnant and other days all of the symptoms go away and I wonder what the heck has happened. Stay strong until your next appointment and be positive :).
  • Seeing this post makes me realize my feelings are fairly normal. Whew.. I thought I was the only one wondering if everything is OK. I hate that the OB appointments are so few and far between in the beginning, I need a peace of mind! :) 
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