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    I have a 2month+ daughter and today I stopped using the sling in the baby tub. So I normally fill baby tub up with water and then put her in the sling. I put enough water so some of her body in the sling is in the water. Today I didnt use the sling b/c shes getting to big for it :) and her legs hang off it. I filled the tub with water and put her in and the water was alittle above her belly. She hated it and cried which normally she likes baths.. 
I only put soap on her upper body b/c the rest of her body was in water. I use a small cup to pour water on her upper body with the water that is in the tub. I guess I could let the sink run water continuously but I feel this would take longer.. With this current method putting soap on her butt and lady parts is difficult. When she was in the sling I would lift her a little and was able to clean her. I guess I could put less water in the tub?

How do you give baths? Plz Advise

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  • I wouldn't suggest using less water bc then her body will likely get cold. I bath dd in the sink. I've found that the trick is making sure the water is warm enough. And to clean the crotch area, I just wipe with a washcloth while in the tub, not really worrying to use soap in those areas.
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  • I put a little bit of water in but have my DH pour water continuously on her when I am not actively putting soap on her. But the valve in tub is open so tub doesn't get full. I don't have her sit in the water cause it gets cold rather quickly and it's hard to wash her that way

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  • I have the angelcare bath support as well. I fill the tub up to where LO's feet just barely touch the water. Then, I use a wet washcloth to keep her body warm as I wash her head, chest, arm pits, and everything else. To wash her back I just lift her up a little while she is laying there. Then, I turn the faucet back on and fill up a cup to rinse her off. I pick her up and rinse off her back in the end. I am also sitting in the tub with her. I find that if I am sitting on her level that it makes everything easier. I have a really squirmy baby and I'm usually bathing her by myself so she needs me in there with her!

  • Was the water a comfortable temperature for her? How about the room temp?

    DD2 likes the water temp a lot warmer than DD1 ever has. I run a heater to heat the room and fill the tub up pretty full. I lay a washcloth on her upper body and just pour water over her. I only use soap if her hair looks greasy and that's the only place I use soap, otherwise I just clean with a wet washcloth. 
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  • I just get the water flowing at the right temperature then put the tub under the water and add soap to the flowing water. 
    She had a little cradle cap. During this time I washed her hair with selsum blue. That was the only thing I did different with her bath.
  • Ok lots of good suggestions Ladies!!!!

    Thanks : )
  • I use a Puj tub in the kitchen sink. I keep the water running at a warm temp and cover her lower half with a washcloth (similar to the swaddle bath used in the NICU). I just uncover when I wash her lower part. I sometimes use the sprayer to rinse, but mostly just use a cup. I'm not sure what I'll use when she outgrows it, but for now it works great!
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