Has anyone become pregnant using Fertilaid?? If so, how long did it take? — The Bump
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Has anyone become pregnant using Fertilaid?? If so, how long did it take?

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Hi Everyone! I am 28 and my hubby and I are TTC. :) After coming off of BC after like 8 years, I am back to having irregular periods (ranging from 28-40 days). I went to the GYN and she said everything looks good down there, so just try using an Ovulation kit to catch when I am ovulating. I recently came across Fertilaid and read some great reviews about it, so I decided to give it a try! I have been taking the pills for 10 days so far. I just wanted to see if anyone has had any success with using this product and after how long? Also, did anyone with irregular periods become regular from Fertilaid? Only I am taking the Fertilaid for Women. My husband is not taking it, but he would if I asked.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Re: Has anyone become pregnant using Fertilaid?? If so, how long did it take?

  • You might want to try the Pregnant After Infertility board, or even just the 1st trimester board.  As indicated by the name of the board, people here are having trouble trying to conceive and as you may suspect.. have not yet conceived.

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  • No success stories here,

    But just know I took these supplements for a little bit without talking to a dr first and with my luck I developed a large cyst and had bleeding for a little over 3 weeks. Then I was put on a very high dose of BCP, 1 every 6 hours, to get the bleeding to stop. I ended up being benched, after all this I was told the only supplement I needed to take was a prenatal. My Dr. Said that a lot of these companies over charge for a fancy multivitamin that can do more harm than good.

    I would never recommend them without a Dr approval

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  • Ok. Thanks Ladies!
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