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Interviewing schools

We're starting to look into schools for DD for kindergarten next year.  We're choosing to open enroll her so that her day care can get her to/from school and we can avoid the public school buses.

I'm wondering what kind of questions I should be asking in relation to her allergy.  So far here's what I've got:

-Peanut free table? 

-Food in classroom?

-Parties - how is food handled?

-Field trips?

-Do kids wash hands after lunch before returning to classroom or going out for recess?


I'm also wondering, we're going to push to have DD's emergency medication in her classroom, and also in the nurse's office.  But...what do schools do for lunch/recess?  I want it to be with DD at all times - but in Kindergarten I think she's too young to self-carry.  Do school staff bring medication into the lunchroom, and also with them outside during recess?  I'm not sure how this works for others so I'm curious.

If you could suggest more questions to add to my list I'd appreciate it - I'm sure there's stuff I'm missing and I want to be prepared for out interviews so that we can best select a school for her. 

Thank you.

Re: Interviewing schools

  • I do know food allergies fall under 504 plans, so you could do that. We plan to, when the time comes.
    Not sure what state you're in, but I'd ask if the teacher can administer the Epi or if it has to be the nurse. I'd also ask about field trips.
    I'm a teacher, but in a middle school. There are no Epi pens in our caf. Nurse is across the hall. We don't have recess, so no idea there. GL.
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  • My DD started kindergarten this year. I chose to let her ride the bus because it's only a five minute ride (we're the last pick-up/first drop-off). There is no eating allowed on the bus, and the kindergarteners sit in front by the driver. The drivers are trained to administer medication, and DD has a set of Epi-pens in her backpack. We have half-day kindy, and they don't have a snack or use the cafeteria, but our cafeteria does have nut-free tables. DD doesn't bring her Epi-pens out at recess, but the kindergarteners have a separate play area that is just for them. Birthdays are celebrated with non-food treats(stickers, books, etc). They do have a couple of parties with food, but the teachers are required to run the list by the parents of kids with allergies for approval. I didn't have to do a 504 plan for DD's allergies because the school already makes so many accommodations--not sure if I'll need to change things next year.
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  • I use to work in a elementary school and each teacher (1st grade) had a emergency bag they were required to have on the playground with their class that included epi pens when needed
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