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horrible morning

After being home with me for the summer, DD, 3 ½, started a new daycare in September.  She started out great, although the teachers have told me she’s quite in class.  She’s also the youngest and they do a lot of work with writing and stuff, which I think she may not be quite ready for, but she really seems to enjoy it.

The past 2 weeks she keeps telling me she doesn’t want to go to school and kind of whimpers when I drop her off.  The past 2 mornings have been total hell.  She’ll yell and scream while we try to get her dressed and she’ll be kicking so much that one of us has to hold her down.  She’s also then crying at drop off.

She has told her teachers that she likes school and the teacher has told me she does really well and is talking more to the other kids.  She hasn’t really told me why she doesn’t want to go.  I asked her this morning if she wants to go to a different school and she said yes, but I don’t think that’s really the issue.  Even lately at gymnastics she won’t want to let me go, but I see as soon as she’s in she has a great time.  I also have a 1 ½ year old and he had a horrible 1st 2 weeks, now he does great, so I can’t switch him.  We also have to leave at 6:30, so I get she doesn’t want to get up and go, but she hasn’t been this bad before.

Any ideas?  Does anyone let their LO sleep in their clothes, atleast that would end the getting dressed fight.

Re: horrible morning

  • Thanks, Friday we were about to leave in pjs.  DH is more of the "bad cop" so rather than him holding her while I dressed her it seemed to help to have me hold her and calm her a bit while he dressed her, it one of her ridiculous flashy, pink, unmatching outfits that she loves.  I did give DC the heads up that I may be coming with her pjs and dress her there.
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