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Hi I have an almost 9 month old and the second one is on the way.DS will be just be 1 year just 4 days before lo is due which is another boy. Any suggestions for the first month would help.

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  • Hiya!  My 2 boys had the exact same due date, but both were born around the 37w mark making them 3 days shy of 1 year apart :) 

    Here is a little bit about my experience.. I had DH home with me for the first 2 weeks after DS2 was born because I was a RCS and knew I wouldn't be able to carry DS1 up and down the steps and in and out of his crib, etc.  Having help those first two weeks was incredible, and really helped me focus on getting nursing established, etc (even though it soon after tanked, but that's a different story).. After 2 weeks, DH went back to work and I resumed all duties with both boys.. it honestly wasn't that bad!  I think a lot of things to consider is your DS1's schedule.. is he STTN? Does he take consistent naps?  Do you have a "safe place" that you can set him down to play?  These were all crucial factors that helped our transition go so smoothly.. I would say about 2-3 weeks after bringing DS2 home DS1 started walking on his own.. that's where the play room really came in handy.. I knew if DS2 needed my attention, I could put DS1 in there and not have to worry about him getting into anything!

    In my experience, I found in between months 2-3 the hardest.. that's where the "new baby high" is starting to wear off a little and I started severely missing my sleep.. but, by 3 months we were STTN so that was a huge help!  The other thing I've worked really hard on is getting them to nap at the same time during the day.. this gives me a chance to clean bottles, do dishes from DS1's breakfast/lunch and overall straighten up and get some housework done!

    Having 2 boys so close has been an absolute pleasure!  Sure, there are times where both kids are screaming and I feel like I'm at my wits end... buttttt, they are truly few and far between!  Once you get into a routine, it really does become so much easier!  Organization will become your friend.. I make sure (actually DH usually prepares it for me) that bottles are all poured out and ready for the next day (we make formula up once a day in a large container and just pour out our bottles) and that DS1 has fruit cut and a milk cup poured and waiting in the fridge so that if (which they usually do) they wake at the same time I have things ready for DS1 immediately to keep him from getting whiney while I get DS2 his bottle :)  And, can I just say.. we have been very lucky to not see any jealousy from DS1.. he adores DS2.. it absolutely melts my heart to see him always coming over to kiss his brother.. like you, our DS2 was a bit of a surprise.. we thought it would take us longer.. but, we wouldn't change it for the world!! We're actually hoping to get pregnant with #3 sometime in the near future, too :)
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