Anyone care to reminisce with me? — The Bump

Anyone care to reminisce with me?

About your pregnancy and/or the hazy newborn months?

I just read a few posts from MoMs who are in the trenches right now and it made me think about things I remember from the newborn fog.

I remember feeling sooo refreshed if I had a solid two hours of sleep! Haha, right now I'd lose it if I kept that sleep schedule again!

I really do miss those sleepy newborns, but we're having so much fun now at 12 months.

Those of you who made it out of the trenches, what's your favorite memory?


Re: Anyone care to reminisce with me?

  • As a MoM in the trenches (my boys are three weeks) I look forward to reading peoples replies.
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  • Aww, JordynLeigh, I must agree with everything you wrote!


  • I had my baby boys 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I miss my pregnancy so much that I'm afraid I'm missing the newness of my babies. Anyone have advice or have felt the way I do?
  • ah, the days when they would nap or I could get them into their carseats without it being a fight!

    But I'm trying to enjoy my sleep again, for a few more months, at least.

    I truly have lost my mind lol

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  • My favorite moment - bringing them both home.  After a dramatic scary pregnancy and 11 and 14 days in the NICU, they were home, they were healthy, they were really mine!

    I loved watching them discover each other and interact like NO OTHER babies do at such a young age.  Even now at 2 years, they really do play TOGETHER and interactively, not just "parallel play" like most toddlers.

    I miss being able to lay down and have a baby just sleep on me.  I remember being so ungodly tired and dreading the next time a baby cried at night.  But the instant I opened the door and saw their faces, I got the tingles inside and didn't care about my lack of sleep!

  • I miss the snuggles during the last feed before bed and looking into their sweet little eyes....don't often get those moments now...they are too busy running!
  • I miss the snuggles so much!! A couple weeks ago N had surgery for his hypospadias. When we got home from the hospital he was still groggy from the anesthesia and he basically spent the afternoon sleeping on was the best thing ever!
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  • Aww. My girls turned 6 months old yesterday and it has recently hit me that we're halfway through infancy. Sad. It really does go so fast. I love each new stage more than the last but i do miss those teeny little snugglers!
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  • I definitely miss the snuggles but mine do come to me all the time for hugs and just to sit or stand by me.

    Now I love seeing them figure out harder things like climbing (Yes, I actually like this.  They are too short to get out of their cribs yet.  lol).  Very soon DD will start using real words.  She's so close with all her babbling.  DS will follow but probably awhile after.

    I'm happy they are able to entertain themselves but also very happy that both are still wanting to play with me also.

    I don't miss not sleeping.  OMG, sleep is amazing.
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  • I'm just starting to crawl out of the NB trenches. I love that my boys are now starting to coo. I'm thinking this will be my favorite newborn memory lol
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  • These are my last babies. 4 months old now. I know I'm going to be broken hearted when I'm not nursing anymore. So I comfort nurse way more then I should. I just love the snuggles.
  • This post makes me smile. :) My b/g twins will be 3 months on Halloween. I already can't believe how much they have grown!! My friend just had a baby girl weighing 6.2 and she looks so tiny!! It is weird not remembering them being that tiny and feeling so lightweight! I really do miss my sleep and look forward to that night! But, I'm going to try and enjoy the sweet snuggles, coos and smiles I'm getting these days. :) I do miss being pregnant, the comments I'd get and the movement. I don't miss feeling so uncomfortable!! And, I love having them in my arms now watching them grow and develop! Thank you for this post.
  • I do not miss being pregnant. At all. But I miss having the big day to look forward to and marking the passage of time between doctor's appointments. I loved the whole birth experience - my labor was completely amazing and I was just so blissed out for the first few weeks when it seemed like all they did was sleep and snuggle and we actually had to wake them up to feed them.

    That said, there were were nights when I would literally swear and punch my pillow when they woke up (for the third time in an hour) and I really did feel like we were being tortured by little sleep terrorists. If I'm being honest, there is very little that I miss about the newborn/infant stage. My babies must have sensed that because they have been walking since 9 months!

    I love this age so much (They will be 1 in a few weeks). You can tell that their verbal comprehension is increasing exponentially and every second of every day there is some order emerging from the chaos in their little brains. Shoes go on feet. Hats go on heads. They can go get the ball, look at the bird, point at the doggie, etc. It's exhilarating!


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  • I miss pregnancy a lot. I miss the movements a lot. I wish I could go back and redo it all over again knowing what I know now.

    I miss the cuddly newborn stage. My kiddos don't want to cuddle anymore unless they are sick or don't want to go to bed. I miss babies that stay where you put them lol.

    I don't miss the sleepless nights though. I love all the firsts. Bringing them home after a month in the SCN was the best feeling ever.


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