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AW: DH knows his pregnant wife!

So DH went on a road trip from hell with his crankpot of a dad driving my IL's RV up from Florida for 2 1/2 days, and amidst all of that, he brought me a present! The LARGEST Reese's cups I have ever seen! (Check out the net weight!) They make bigger ones, I'm sure, but aside from having DH home again, its the best present my pregnant eyes have ever seen!
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Re: AW: DH knows his pregnant wife!

  • I want this. Now.



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  • I've only had these once but oh my lordie I want them again but they are expensive :(
  • Mmmm...yummy.  Reese's are my favorite.  Do you want some @frankierokx?  They're super cheap over here and I can send some to you.


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  • How sweet of him, and please share!!
  • I did share- with DH. They are long gone by now along with all the milk! :\"> Here is a pic of DH biting into his (for dramatic size effect).
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