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I have two boys and am very early prego with a third baby. Currently my 2 1/2 year old is trying my patience at every waking second. To the point I can't wait until bedtime ( which I feel extremely guilty about) I stay home 4 days a week, my four year old does five half days of preschool during the week so I try to devote that time to my 2 1/2 year old...... Disciplining him is not working...NOTHING I DO works! My oldest was very different...any advice would be appreciated.....I hate yelling so I hope there are better ways

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  • Without knowing the specifics, I would say maybe try giving him more exercise like playing at a park, etc. Also, make sure he is eating and sleeping well. My DD does that more when she doesn't have a nap or doesn't get her snack.

    You could also try getting down to his level and explaining proper behavior. You may have to do it over and over again, but he might respond eventually. I've been working on that with DD - telling her to use a big girl voice instead of whining. We also work on the whole "inside voice" thing pretty much all the time.

    GL, mama!

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  • read 1,2,3 magic. worked really well for our terrible twos!
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  • I would also recommend Positive Parenting A to Z. It has specific behaviors and suggestions for gentle ways to work with them.

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  • DS has been pretty much ignoring what we and his teachers tell him to do/not to do for the past few weeks. He started doing it at home and then at school, so we had been working on it before it started there. Spankings (not brutal, just enough to get his attention) and time-outs did nothing. DH said what do you do with a kid that has everything...take it away. He knows he has one time to be told what to do/not do before he gets a toy or group of toys taken away. A few nights ago, all of his toys were in our closet. He has changed his listening ever since we implemented this punishment. I also took him to the dollar store and let him pick out ten treats and smiley stickers for a reward chart. If he has a good day he gets a sticker, bad day no sticker. Once he gets to 5 stickers, he gets to pick out a prize and at 10 he gets to go somewhere fun. We talk it up all morning, on the way to school and praise him like crazy when we pick him up for his good day, and talk about it again at night. It may be overkill, but it's working for us at the moment. 
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