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Airplane Travel with Infant

I am due May 18, 2014. I have a family reunion to attend in Hawaii in July. I am flying from Texas to Honolulu. 8-9 hour flight! I also have a son that will be 3 by then.  My question is about bringing a stroller. I will have a Ready2Grow stroller by Graco.Will I be able to take this for traveling inside the airport and also while I am on vacation? I've read some things online about the stroller being damaged while it was checked at the gate. Has anyone done this before? Please let me know! Thank you everyone!

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  • Great. Thank you so much!
  • Unfortunately, anything checked can be damaged, which is one reason why it's never recommended to check (gate or otherwise) a car seat.  
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  • Well I plan on purchasing an actual seat on the plane for the baby so I can bring the car seat. It's the stroller I was curious about.. But thank you for the advice!
  • Well I plan on purchasing an actual seat on the plane for the baby so I can bring the car seat. It's the stroller I was curious about.. But thank you for the advice!
    Do you have the original box or can you buy a corrugated cardboard box to put it in?  Those would be your safest options, although they're bulky.
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  • Good Idea. I'll keep the box just in case.
  • I have flown at least twice a year since my son was born (3 1/2 now) and have always checked the stroller at the gate. I have never had anything broken on it. If you are really worried about it but want a stroller spend 15$ on an umbrella stroller and don't stress if it gets broken.
  • I'll have an infant and a 3 and 1/2 year old by then. So I'd like to bring my double stroller. What airline have you used?
  • Watch the weight on the double stroller. I think most airlines the max weight for gate check stroller is 20-25 lbs.
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  • Does your stroller have a travel bag? I know with my Uppababy I bought the travel bag since I'll be making around 10 trips this winter and I put the stroller in that at the gate. The stroller is insured by Uppababy in the bag and if anything happens to it they will replace it no problem!
  • I just got back from an international trip.  My stroller made it to Poland through NYC and back (to Hawaii) with no problem.  In fact, in Poland, it was the only thing that made it on our airplane from our connection in Frankfurt.  The whole airplane's luggage was delayed for two days but for some reason the stroller made it.  No damage.  

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  •  Im flying with JetBlue and Ill be holding the baby. Im allowed to checkin one bag for free. So I was thinking I would check in the carseat and my suitcase (so ill have to pay for one). 
    Or should I checkin the stroller instead of suitcase and take a small suitcase as my carryon?

    Not sure what is best?
    My LO will be 2 1/2 months and its hour&half flight.
  • I believe from what i read on Jet Blue's website ( as i travel on them pretty exclusively) they do not count the stroller and car seat against you- so you can gate check those and check your one suitcase for free as well. Obviously additional luggage is priced per usual.
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