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"pajama day" at school?

DS' class apparently earned a pajama day at school.
Is this appealing to five year olds? It's going to snow tomorrow and the only pajamas he owns are the 2pc Carter's knit.
Not warm enough and too snug to put a layer under.
Would it be lame to just send him in sweats?
(he normally wears a uniform)

Re: "pajama day" at school?

  • Yes, lame! DS' school had this as well. He is almost 5. He loved it, and his classmates thought it was super fun. They all made pancakes together, and ate that as their snack that day.

  • DD's school does this too, and the kids seem to like it. They really like wearing PJ's that have characters on them, like Disney princesses, Batman, etc. DD doesn't have any of those (we don't really do the Disney thing), but she wears her regular PJ's and really enjoys it.

    That said, there are always kids who don't do it for whatever reason, so if your DS doesn't, he might not be the only one.

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  • Not only does DD love pajama day, so do I!  She can roll out of bed w/o fighting me over outfits. Besides, if my employer offered pj day, I would totally jump on the opportunity. My employer does not even have casual Fridays or jeans days.  And yes, sending him in sweats is fine.
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    Definitely send him in PJs & put a hoodie on over the top in case he's cold... and maybe get some of the carters 2 piece fleece for winter just in case they get to have it again :)
  • Don't be the lame Mom. And get the kid some warm fleece pajamas! Nothing is more comfy for kids than Carter's Fleece unless he has a sensory issue that prevents it.
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  • Love PJ day! As pp stated, pj and pancake was the day at DSs school. It is an annual hit and last time they read and did a craft around if you give a pig a pancake. The kids had a ball. Last year DS wore his favorite firetruck fleece pajamas. Sweats are fine if you don't have pjs meant for this occasion but agree that those carters fleece pjs are great.
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  • We were notified about it yesterday right before I left for work for the evening, so there was no time to get something new. I think I will send him in sweat pants and a PJ top. I couldn't in a million years get an extra layer under his PJ pants, but I can squeeze something under the top. I will ask his teacher if she thinks they will do this again (It's school-wide pajama day in a 3yr old through 8th grade school) and consider some flannel pajamas.

    On a side note, I tried to buy him a thick fleece robe/house coat last year but couldn't find his size in an age-appropriate print, otherwise that would have been perfect for warmth today!
  • DS would wear the pajama shirt if he wanted to everyday. He is into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have tried to take that darn turtle pajama shirt off him and he says "No mom, turtle power!" I have gone on to buy t-shirts and he insists the pajama shirt.

    You could just use the pajama shirt and the rest regular clothes and a jacket or sweater for the cold.
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