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rough housing 5 yr old with toddler sibbling

I'm really surprised that the rough housing has started already.  DS1 is way to rough with DS2 and I am constantly telling him to stop, be gentle, stop pulling on him.  My biggest problem is that DS2 is laughing the whole time and no matter what I say as long as DS2 is laughing, DS1 doesn't hear a word I say so I have to physically separate them.  My other problem is that about 75% of the time the younger one starts it!  But then that leads to the older one being too rough again.  I'm tired of the constant yelling.  I don't know what to do.  Any advice? 
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Re: rough housing 5 yr old with toddler sibbling

  • mine are close in age, 1 1/2 and 3 1/2, so that probably helps.  I'm sure DD isn't as strong as a 5 year old boy.  She does mess around with her little brother alot though.  I keep an eye on them, but if DS isn't crying or upset and they're both having fun I just let it go
  • My youngest is always on top of the pig pile! I can't see how old your children are, mine are 22 months and then 21 months apart and all boys (4,5 and 7). I try to remind the oldest before they start rough housing that he is bigger and stronger and to go easy on his little brothers. But unless someone gets hurt I don't intervene ; )
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