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Hi everyone, I've been lurking long enough to know you aren't too fond of newbies. But I am really looking for a community for some support as a ftm. I have a little guy born via a very unexpected c section on 7/2/13. Im a 33 yo working mom. I promise to be a decent contributor on tb.

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  • Welcome. :)
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  • Welcome!


  • Welcome :)

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  • @laurendag

    Where do you find all of the awesome gif's? Is there a certain website you like?

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  • Welcome to J13!
  • anr02 said:

    @ laurendag love the gif.  Bring it on.  I can take it. @miss2697.  I've seen plenty of posts complaining of newbies lately and I totally get it.  I just finally got enough guts (and/or diet rum and coke in my system) to post and be a part of July' 13 publicly.  

    The problem arises when newbs intro and then never come back and post. If you contribute and post you'll be fine.

    Also, welcome! My LO was almost a 7/2 baby, but she was born on 7/1.

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  • I'm a C section, working mama as well. Welcome!!

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  • Welcome!!


  • Hiya! Congrats on your little guy! How's he doing so far?
  • Welcome!

  • @eaglewife he is doing well. Thanks for asking.
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  • Welcome! Feel free to add your instagram name as well. I am klmaitz
    Have a great day !
  • Welcome!!
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  • Hello :)
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  • Congrats on your little man! Welcome to the board.
    Mom to three girls and pregnant with #4!
    L: 7/12/13
    C: 5/11/15
    E: 3/7/17
    Due 11/10/18
  • babykkbabykk member
    edited October 2013
    Someday I hope to be as good with gifs as you are ;)

    Eta: myspace graphic comments
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    [Deleted User]emmanemm
  • Hey! Welcome to the fun board!
  • Welcome!

    Married 12.20.2010
    BFP#1: 11.22.2012 EDD: 7.22.2013 DS Born 7.24.2013
    BFP#2: 11.26.2014 EDD: 7.25.2015 *chemical confirmed 12.08.14*
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  • I thought there was drama opening this thread. Which is why lurkers are afraid to intro I'm sure. Welcome OP!

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    I lost my angels 07/2010, 04/2017, 10/2017

    Meimsx no more
  • Welcome! I'm cool with newbs.
    Me: 32  H: 32
    Married: 4/5/13

    "You know that place between sleep and awake, 
    that place where you can still remember dreaming?
    That's where I will always love you.  
    That's where I'll be waiting."
    ~Peter Pan 

    BFP #1: 11/12/12  EDD 7/25/13 Baby boy: 7/27/13
    BFP #2: 10/29/17   MMC dx @ 9 weeks
    BFP #3: 2/2/18 MC 2/7/18
    BFP #4: 3/2/18  MC 3/9/18
    RPL testing and hysteroscopy: all normal
    BFP #5: 4/1/18 MMC dx @ 14 weeks ----> genetically normal girl  :'(
    Hysteroscopy to remove scar tissue 9/28
    BFP #6 11/5/18 EDD 7/20/19  <3  Rainbow baby girl born 7/23/19 
  • Hey there!!

  • Hi hi! Welcome to the fun!


  • I am still new as well I try to post when I can! Welcome

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  • Meimsx said:
    I thought there was drama opening this thread. Which is why lurkers are afraid to intro I'm sure. Welcome OP!

    I was also expecting drama, which is why I hesitated... Lol! Welcome!
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