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flu shot??

I am pregnant with my second child and its time for me to get the flu shot. Last pregnancy I got it without hesitating or doing any research. I've been educating myself this time around and I'm very worried. Seeing things like a 4000% increase in stillbirth and miscarriage(VINE). It's a double edged sword for me though bc DD is 2 and will no doubt get the flu if she doesn't get the shot, so that means I'll get it too and we are due in February.I definitely do not want a newborn with the flu!! I'm in no way trying to start an argument about vac/nonvax. Just wondering if you'd gotten yours yet or if you plan to any why or why not? Thanks

Re: flu shot??

  • Yes, I have gotten mine.  If you're very concerned, I would talk to your OB about the pros and cons of getting the shot instead of consulting Dr. Google, who can raise some unnecessarily scary fears.  Like you said, I would rather not take the risk of my newborn getting the flu and the flu shot for my toddler and me seems like a good precautionary measure.
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