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Progesterone suppositories

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I can't figure out how to delete this from my phone. I'm not trying to hurt anyone, break any rules. I was scared and I just wanted advice. I came to the wrong place and it was a mistake.

Re: Progesterone suppositories

  • Wickedsugar!!!! I just blew soda out my nose :)
     36 DH 33 TTC for over 3 years
    First mini-IVF Sept 2011... Only 1 egg! ... BFN
    Switching RE
    IVF#2 May 2012 9 eggs and only 2 sperm, WTH!
    IVF #3 March 2013~Tesa with back-up Donor Sperm,Tesa, unsuccessful used DS~ Chemical :(   

    Switching RE's within practice

    2 frosties waiting for us, November 2013!!!!!   Transferred 2 "average" blasts 11/20/2013
    BFP!!!!!!!  Boy/Girl Twins!!!!!! Due 08/08/2014

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  • I'm new here. You have no idea what my husband and I have been through to get to this point, the fear I have every day that I will go through hell all over again--talk about insensitive. I didn't know what other group would have people with progesterone experience. I looked and I saw other posts about "BFP after TWW," "She's here!" etc...everyone talks about the sensitivity and support. Thanks for showing me the same respect.
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  • OP you could post on Pregnant After Infertility or 1st Trimester. All of the people there are in fact pregnant and many, if not all in the case of the PAIF board, have experience with progesterone support.

    As far as this board, yes there are a few who have been ever so lucky to have success, however the purpose of the board is for those that have been dealing with IF for some time and have an established relationship with the IF community here on The Bump.

    I can't personally give advice to you because I've only been on PIO. GL.

    Ladies of IFV, perhaps it's time to get a sticky post at the top for the mobile users that can't see the banner that's posted on the full site?
    Me: 37, DH: 35 :: TCC since 2/11 SA: Perfect! CD3  HSG = Blocked Right Tube
    April- Femara 2.5mg + Trigger + IUI = BFN   May- Femara 5mg = CX - No Response on Left = BFN
    June- Femara 7.5mg + Trigger + IUI = BFN  August- Lap & Hysteroscopy = Blocked & Partially Blocked Tubes
    September- Femara 5mg = CX - No Response on Left = BFN  October- 100mg Clomid + Trigger + TI = BFN
    IVF # 1: Stims 11/30 ER 12/12/12! (10R, 10M, 8F, 2T, 6 F) :: Beta #1- 176  c/p @ 4w4d
    FET #1 February 26th :: Lost 4 to Thaw, Transferred 2 = BFFN
    IVF # 2 Stims 5/10 ER 5/21 (15R, 13M, 13F, 2T, 7F- 6d3 & 1d5) :: Beta # 1- 15 c/p @ 4w
    FET #2 Cancelled, Right Tube Developed a Hydro  8/28 Hydro & Scar Tissue Removed  Cleared for FET
    FET #2.2 Scheduled for September 20th
    2 Thawed, 2 Transferred! Beta #1- 96, Beta #2 906! :: EDD June 10th
    2015- 2 failed FET. We are done
    SURPRISE! BFP 8/8/16   EDD 4/1/17

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  • ---sig warning---
    Oh shit, she is talking about me! Eeeek!
    ::::hides face and runs out of room::::

    Yo, OP these girls are my family! My struggles have been made well known to the girls of the bump IF boards for over 2 years. I play by the rules.

    I am so sorry that you have gone through such hardship. IF sucks! Best wishes for a happy and healthy 9 months.
    Me:35,  DH: 39   
    TTC since March 2011. All bloodword, SA & HSG are normal.  
    8/12: Clomid & TI - BFN 
    10/12: Colmid & TI - BFN 
    3/13:  Clomid, Trigger & IUI - BFN 
    4/13: Gonal F, Trigger & IUI: BFN  
    6/13: IVF #1 (1AA blast & 1BB blast) = BFN 
    8/13: FET #1= BFN
    10/13: FET #2= BFP!!!

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  • Dangit....I'm always late to the party

    Me: 33, Endocrine issues & FVL       DH: 32, Nothing 
    NTNP 2009-2012         TTC since 2012:
    • Clomid, 2 IUI cycles, and 5 IVF cycles = BFN
    • FET #1   August 2013 = BFP!     EDD 5/11/14
    • Jack dx at 19w1d with Dandy Walker on 12/16/13
    • Severe Pre-e /HELLP set in Jack born sleeping at 20w1d on 12/23/13
    • FET #2 --July 2014  BFP!  ---  EDD  4/5/15

    Jack has handpicked his sibling up there :)

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