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Pow Wows & Pumpkin Patches

What plans do you ladies have this weekend? Today we are going to a pumpkin patch to take pics of Jae and later today and tomorrow we are going to a Pow Wow. I'm so excited! It'll be Jaes first one & my like hundredth haha Have any of you ladies been to a pow wow? Oh & how are you taking pics at the pumpkin patch since our little ones can't really sit up yet? I was thinking of taking his bumbo. Ideas?

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Re: Pow Wows & Pumpkin Patches

  • I'm going to a music and wine festival today. I'm taking Haddy with me, I hope he is good and enjoys himself like usual, FX...I've never put him in the stroller before... so I'm going prepared with the Ergo and sling, too.

    Enjoy your weekend :)
  • Sounds like fun! I've never been to a Pow Wow. Not even sure what it is, but have fun :)

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    We're going on a way overdue date tonight and tomorrow friends are coming over to watch the Walking Dead! I hope you get some cute photos of your LO! I just kind of leaned DD between some big pumpkins and held her up with one hand when we went to the pumpkin patch last week. A bumbo would work better! Eta: someone put a blanket over a bumbo to take a pumpkin patch photo, but I can't remember who. It's in their siggy.

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  • I haven't been to a pow wow in years but I was just talking to SO the other day about wanting to go to one. We lovingly call our little man a mutt, he's Cuban, Mexican, English, and Native American, so I want him to be exposed to those cultures.

    We took pics at the pumpkin patch. We were able to sort of prop him up on two big pumpkins with me right there to catch him if he started tipping over. The rest of the pics were with us holding him.


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  • Sounds like you ladies are gonna have a great weekend! Thanks for the pic ideas! Sounds do able :) & @valstulas a pow wow is a big gathering of native Americans from all different tribes. I used to go and represent my Soto bloodline from the Lipan Mescalero tribe cause my cousin is the Princess but I haven't gone in years. I love the "mutt" nickname lol Jae is as well. He's Native American & part Mexican on my side and Full Colombian Indian on his daddy's side. I'm thinking of making his first birthday little pow wow themed!

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  • We're going apple- and pumpkin-picking tomorrow with SIL and her DH.. Def taking notes on pumpkin propping for pictures!
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  • I took the kids to their first Pow Wow about a month ago. They are Modoc and an Oregon Coastal tribe!
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  • I work today so DD is hanging out with DH all day. Of course she didn't sleep at all last night so she has napped quite well for him! Last night was an all night buffet for miss party pants. I'm so tired!

    Later we are going to see gma and gpa and grab some Mexican food

    I need a margarita after last night.

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