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Our Rainbow Baby Ryleigh's Birth Story (mrsturner012007)-kind of long

         I went in for a RCS at 5 am Monday 10/14/13. We ended up getting bumped for an emergency breech cs.  The waiting didn't help as I was already psyching myself out for the spinal. I was so nervous about the spinal with my cs last year and that only took 3 seconds and I was numb and didn't feel anything during the surgery.I went back to the OR just before 9 am.  The doctor did the first spinal and kept getting blood return in the CSF so she couldn't use that spot.  So she it poked me again for another spinal.  That didn't work either.  So she gave me the option of getting knocked out or getting an epidural.  I chose the epidural since I wanted to be awake for her birth and I wanted my husband to be able to be preset as well. The first epidural didn't work, so she had to poke me again-4th time-and it finally worked. 

         At that point they were going to wait for the meds to kick in before they did the cath, but I got really nauseous and my bp dropped and the baby's heart rate didn't like that.  The baby nurse took over since my dr was getting scrubbed up to come in, and she said we don't have time to wait for the meds to kick in, just put the cath in and lets go.  So I felt that which sucked.  After getting oxygen for a couple minutes, the baby and I began to look better and my husband was allowed to come in. They started cutting and I got nauseous again (4 times in total).  I was able to feel more since it was an epidural and not a spinal, but mostly it was still just pressure. 

      When they were just about to get her out, I started feeling excruciating pain right below where my first cs scar was and I started crying out in pain.  It was more than I could bear.  My husband had to sit down and he almost lost it when I started crying out.  The anesthesiologist said I am going to give you something to knock you out for two minutes, and you will be alert for when she comes out.  Next thing I remember is hearing her crying and my husband was taking pictures.  They brought her over to me and we got some pics,  Her cord was around her neck, but other than that, she is healthy. She was born at 9:58 am and weighed 6 lbs 6 oz, and was 19 1/2 inches long.  We are in love again, and know her big brother Blake is watching over her (and us too).  Luckily I didn't feel anything after she came out, and was back in recovery at 11:11 am. We were released yesterday and are enjoying being at home, finally. She eats all the time and nurses like a champ, and Logan is enjoying being a big brother!


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