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Nurse spilled the beans, it's a....

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So I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and everything looked good. Also our harmony results had come in Monday and we found out all the screening went well, but I told the nurse I didn't want to know the gender quite yet and could she please email it to me and I'd look at it with my husband when we were ready.

We aren't team green, we were planning on finding out, but I wanted to wait until 16 weeks - pgal brain was just telling me to wait and it'd be bad luck to get let this pregnancy feel real too fast. And so we planned to actually have a gender reveal party the first weekend in November (it was going to be the kick off of my commitment not to be worried or depressed anymore).

But...yeah...the nurse we saw yesterday (who I LOVE) didn't get that memo. The first thing she said was - SO I HEAR YOU'RE HAVING A GIRL.

I'm so shocked. DH's family is full of boys, no girls AT ALL. So I was really surprised and am still actually really happy.

I don't know what to do about the gender reveal party though. Right now we're still planning on doing it, but since we it lame?

Anyway. We're having a GIRL.

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Re: Nurse spilled the beans, it's a....

  • Congratulations!

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  • That's so exciting!  I think it might be kind of weird to do a gender reveal now that you guys know...although it would probably still be fun for everyone else to find out, right?
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  • Congrats! I say continue with the gender reveal party- it will be fun for everyone else to have the reveal and it is a reason for you and your H to celebrate!
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  • Congratulations!  As far as the gender reveal party, I don't think it is lame at all that you already know.  That is the way DH and I did it the 1st time around.  
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  • Congrats!
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  • Congrats! I think it can still be fun to have your party.

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  • Congrats! It's not lame at all, no-one else knows yet!
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  • Congratulations! You could still do the gender reveal party - you guys know, but not everyone else would know! It would still be fun to have the party and find a cute way to let your guests know that you're having a girl.

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  • We are finding out before thanksgiving and will see all our family when we travel home, so we will know what we are having and will reveal to them when we are home with everyone together. You should totally do it!

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  • @kklamb10 I hear you! I haven't been a huge fan of gender reveal parties either, but we were only going to invite immediate family (grandparents and brothers and sisters) and we wanted to do it in the first place b/c telling people we were pregnant this time just isn't fun. Two separate family members at different times both said "I hope it turns out better this time". I mean, so do I, but that's not fun to hear. But I agree, our parents and probably my sisters are going to be most excited. DH's brother is super sweet but he won't get into the gender reveal stuff the same way for sure.

    BTW, I had posted yesterday about being apprehensive about asking for a 16 week appointment, but yeah it was no big deal, she didn't even blink when I asked. Even if it had been, the nurse was so mortified I think she would have agreed to anything, lol.




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  • Awww I'm so afraid someone will let it slip- we're team green and I'm excited about it (because I cheated last time & peaked). But little girls are awesome, so congrats! And go ahead with the party!
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  • I'd still do the party. Congrats on team pink more important a healthy baby!

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  • Congrats on a baby girl! I think you could still do a reveal for your family/friends if you wanted!
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  • Congrats!! We did a gender reveal party even though we knew the sex already. I am a firm believe that they are more for the guests anyways :) I think it makes them feel more involved in the pregnancy.
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  • Boo! The party should still be fun though!

    your sig with the twister costume is sooo funny! hahaha
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  • My hubby and I had a gender reveal party and we both knew. We found out during our 16 week US, so we were so not prepared for her to be able to tell us that we were like, "Uh, yeah, we want to know!!" lol We had everybody dress in pink or blue based on their vote, and DH and I just wore the colors we'd originally been leaning towards even though everyone knew that we already knew the gender. It was still tons of fun, and there was much merriment. :) I say, go ahead and have one! It'll be a blast.
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  • Congrats on your baby girl!  I say go thru with the gender reveal party.  My DH knew at our reveal but I didn't.  It's still fun for everyone else.  And it's all about your friends and family celebrating with you!!!  Enjoy!

                        We can't wait to meet you, our baby surfer GIRL!!!

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  • Congratulations! And I say, "who cares" if you already know. It will still be fun for everyone else, especially if the family is primarily boys! 
  • Congrats on finding out you are Team Pink!

    Do the party- parties are fun anyways and nice to have some family together.

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  • Awwww!! Congrats on being team pink!! Gender reveal will be fun :)
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  • Congrats!! We also have a family full of boys & zero girls in the last 21ish years. I am hoping for a take home baby & would love for it to be a girl. However, I am sure it will be a boy. If you both still want to do a party, then go for it. Like you said, it was going to be a kick off for you not having to worry as much. That is worth celebrating, imo. As far as gender reveal goes for us, I think we will just show the u/s pic. Congrats again!
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  • Congratulations on a little Girl!


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