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Birthing Center In Network...?

Hey ladies- I am a FTM due October 17th with a little boy. I forget if there is something else I am supposed to do to properly introduce myself... I was wondering if anyone else has experienced roadblocks trying to get a birthing center to be in-network for your insurance. Specifically, is your difficulty  or success with United Healthcare? I found out today that even though there are currently zero in-network birthing centers in my area, I cannot be provided an exception to have the birthing center opened by my in-network MD and midwives be covered in-network. The reason they provided is because there are umpteen hospitals in-network where I can go to deliver. I am trying to see how common of a problem this is for other expecting mothers who wish to deliver in a birthing center. Of course it would be a bonus if anyone has any tips for success in an appeal. Terribly inconvenient that I have to file an appeal which will likely not be addressed before I actually deliver. Regardless, the personal is political; right? So, if there is a fight to take up on behalf of women to have access to the kind of birth they want, I am ready to take up the cause. Thanks, ladies.

Re: Birthing Center In Network...?

  • I have united health care and my birthing center was not in network. What I did and you should try is to have them request a "GAP Coverage" its a process they have to submitt, but mine was approved no problem. They do a search for in-network birth centers within a specific mile range of your Zip code; if they find nothing they will approve on a case-by-case basis for your birth center. It costs me no extra amount a month and they have covered my birth center at in-network costs! Making my out of pocket expense little to nothing in comparison of a normal hospital birth!! 

    Hope that helps. 
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