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childbirth classes

Hi everyone, I am just starting my second trimester and am looking into doing a childbirth class. Anybody in Kansas City have any recommendations or reviews for local classes they have taken? We are hoping to keep things pretty natural (i am going to a midwife). thanks a bunch! 

Re: childbirth classes

  • We took Bradley method classes...which are definitely focused on natural.  Great course!  We are no longer in the area, but you can just do a search through the Bradley method website.  If you are wanting natural, I'd encourage you to find a doula.  Great support!
  • Your posting was from quite awhile ago, so I don't know if you are still looking for recommendations, but me and my husband just finished a Birthing Techniques class at Olathe Medical Center (where my dr is and I am planning on delivering).  It was very informative and I have much less anxiety and nervousness than I did when the class began.  I would suggest any first time parents take the class.  The open communication between the instructor and students was helpful along with all the tips.  
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