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Anatomy Scan this morning..and almost passed out on the table!

All went well, baby is 15 ounces and measuring a week ahead. Who knows, maybe this will end up being a February baby (original EDD: 3/3/14)! Got all sorts of good pictures including gender confirmation (which we already knew from the MT21 but still, nice to see it). Baby was moving a good bit. He kept wanting to show us his butt early on.

As for the passing out part, now I know why they tell you not to lie flat on your back when you're pregnant. We were about 3/4 of the way through the scan when I started to feel very warm, started sweating, felt light-headed and thought I was going to get sick. The tech had me roll on my left side and that helped a bit but after the light-headedness passed, I had to sit up as that was the only way the nausea would go away. Five minutes later I was fine and we finished the scan but wow, was that unpleasant.

Overall a very reassuring scan. Always exciting to see the little guy!
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Re: Anatomy Scan this morning..and almost passed out on the table!

  • @Moo72  same due date and I was measuring a week ahead too!  We are bump buddies to the max!

    I'm glad you're ok but wow....I didn't know being on back was that bad!

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  • @Missfunball - there is a major artery that runs down the middle of your back that baby can put pressure on if you're lying flat. Makes you short of breath, light-headed, etc.I don't think the firm exam table and staying still for so long helped either.

    I'm curious to see if my doctor will move up my due date or just keep it as is. I don't have my next appointment for two weeks so I guess I'll find out then.
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  • @moo72 , my doc is just keeping it as is since its not a dramatic difference and as she said "babies hardly come on that day anyways"

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  • Wow 15 ounces. At 19w5d my bebe measured 9 ounces. Feels so inadequate lol. Congrats on healthy baby boy!!!! So sorry you had to deal with such uncomfortable symptoms. Boy aren't we all in for. Arrest in the next 20 weeks.
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  • Wow that is crazy. At our a/s they had a table that was elevated, but it killed my SI joint. Our baby is big too! 11 oz at 19w1d! Are you or your husband tall? We are thinking (hoping) we'll have tall kids because I am 5'8" and my husband is 6'7"! Yay for healthy!
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  • I'm glad it went well, but sorry you ended up feeling sick.  I think a lot of people measure a week (or sometimes even two) ahead at the a/s, and doctor's rarely move your due date.  


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  • Yay for a healthy scan!  I'm not that far along yet, but I've been uncomfortable on my back for a couple weeks.  Glad they let you shift positions, and that you didn't pass out!
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  • @stephcrosby09 - yes, my husband and I are both tall, I'm 5'8" and he's 6'0". Not quite as tall as your DH ;-) but I'm guessing this baby will be tall as well. Hopefully he won't end up being 14 pounds or something crazy like that at birth. I'm AMA so they will be doing scans pretty frequently in the last trimester to monitor growth. Not sure what that means, e.g. will they induce if he's growing too big, or if it's just for monitoring purposes. I'm just happy that everything looked good on the scan.
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