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Has anyone done this? 
Back story: about a week and a half ago my LO had a little blood in her diaper... after going to the dr, the confirmed the blood.  My doctor told me to eat only carbs and starches for 48 hours then slowly add things in.  Well today she had another bad diaper, it was really dark, runny, frothy, and I think some blood.  She hadn't pooped in 2 day (which isn't like her)... she is also teething and I have given Tylenol..... So I guess it could be any factor.  But I feel horrible that what I am eating could be hurting my baby.

After some research I read I should do the elimination diet?  This is very different from my dr. rec for carbs & starches..... Any thoughts?
Anyone done the elimination diet that can recommend some meals?
Also... I am wondering if maybe she has a problem with dariy.... would it just show now after 4 months?  Mama's not eating dairy... does that include soy?

Sorry for all the questions but I want to get started ASAP and getting so much different info I am hoping some where here has been through it and has advice.
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Re: XP- Elimination Diet

  • My doctor had me eliminate all dairy (hidden dairy, too) and soy first. Then I eliminated the top 8 allergens. When that still didn't help (she had green, mucousy stool with flecks of blood), I did a full elimination diet and added things back in very slowly. That finally worked. There's a lot of trial and error. I think it took two months for me to find a diet that would work for DD2. I ate a lot of plain baked chicken, potatoes, summer squash, avocado, rice, butternut squash, cooked carrots, and green beans. I also baked vegan banana muffins and vegan oatmeal cookies for treats.
  • I did the elimination diet after a blood test to see which foods i had issues with. Usually carbs are the ones you dont add till wayyyyy later. I havent heard of elimination diet starting w carbs.
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