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MSPI and Sushi

Is anyone eating sushi while on a milk and soy free diet? Would love to go out for sushi but I'm not sure if I'll be able to eat anything on the menu :/

Re: MSPI and Sushi

  • DD had a milk allergy and did fine with sushi. She could eat the snowcrab rolls, veggie rolls, but I'd check on the miso soup or salad. Unfortunately edamame would be off limits as well. The more simple the roll, the safer you would be. I always ask just to make sure.
  • I have. Coconut aminos are a good sub for soy sauce. I also went for the simpler rolls with just fish and veggies, no sauces or imitation crab. It actually wasn't that hard. Many sushi places will make a roll with whatever you want in it, too. Happy sushi eating!
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  • That's great news! Do you know if tempura is ok?
  • AnnP84 said:
    That's great news! Do you know if tempura is ok?
    Hmm.. I'm not sure. You could probably just ask at the restuarant what ingredients they use to make the tempura. And if you are avoiding soy oil as well, ask what kind of frier oil they use.
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