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Hi All I was active a few months ago but have not been around much lately. I had posted then about my son having severe aniexty. We started counselling and I am so happy to say that we have turned a corner and doing so much better! I wonder if it can be somewhat related to being an only child or may be more evident with an only child (ie no sibling to go to for night time company or to take their minds off their aniexty). A friend who is an only child shared her experience growing up with aniexty and it was very similar to what we experienced with our son.We are not at 100% but our lives are returning somewhat back to normal. Can't recommend counselling enough, it was wonderful for providing him with the tools he needs for self comforting and for helping us as parents know how to deal. All for now and hope to be posting more in the future!

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  • Thanks.  It is good to be back and be able to share with folks who are starting their journey with OAD or been on that path for awhile.
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