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11 Weeks Pregnant

11 Weeks & working..

11 weeks and easily irritated at work.. Finding myself getting upset over dumb things. Hoping the hormone surge calms down going into my 2nd Trimester. Anyone else finding work a bit of a struggle with hormones and agitation ?


FYI- Working @ a family business is probably not helping Wink


Re: 11 Weeks & working..

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    All the time. I work in a health clinic with a mix of military and non- military personnel. And sometimes I just want to get up and leave because I am so irritated. Mostly to go home and sleep. Dang pregnancy hormones! LOL.
  • i also get angry really fast, and my husband tends to be the one who gets the worst of it. hopefully this will pass soon.

    the worst i would say is the nausea. i don't get sick, i'm just sick to my stomach all of the time! usually it worked to eat, now it doesn't all that works now is ginger beer.

     and then the fatigue. when it gets to 10am i cannot keep my eyes open!! this usually only lasts for about two hours then i'n back to normal.

    this all sucks, but i cant wait for it to be over, and meet my little angel. in the end i guess everything will be worth it.

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  • I also, get angry mostly at my boyfriend, my boss just irritates me however, i find it easy to just tune her out and wish i took the day off.

     Well, so far so good with morning sickness I purchased the Seaband that i put on my wrist everyday, sometimes I leave it on all day which was a blessing. Without the band I was guaranteed to vomit which threw my entire day off, it was like I lost so much energy and had to recoup.

     Seaband is great for pregnant woman, chemo patience, anyone that deals with nausea and vomiting, they also, have Seaband gum which has ginger gum that helps with nausea as well.


    I don't even feel like I have a pregnancy excuse because my pregnancy has been pretty easy so far. However, I work at at middle school teaching 7th graders for 10 hours a day. Needless to say, I am frustrated often. Oy.


  • I work in retail and I am definitely feeling the irritation. I usually find customers pretty irritating, but now it's my co workers who are making me nuts. I feel a little bad that I've lost my cool a couple times? especially since only a handful of people that I work with know that I'm pregnant. But, yeah these damn hormones are really getting me!
  • So irritable!!! Especially at work, i just wana be taking a nap lol
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