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Any other McConnell division patients Lankenau?

Has anyone had a problem with the McConnell practice at Lankenau? If so, please let me know.

Re: Any other McConnell division patients Lankenau?

  • I've seen Dr. Belden, who is a part of that practice, for about 4 years now. He is wonderful! I've never had any issues with the practice, and would be using them as my OB if they delivered at Paoli.
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    That practice delivered both of my kids and they were great. Did you have a problem or just looking for information?
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  • I saw Dr. Belden with them. He's excellent and very personable. I highly recommend them. And L&D at Lankenau was great too
  • I see Dr. Peden and she did my C-section at Lankenau. I saw all 5 doctors over the course of my pregnancy and loved them all and would have trusted any of them! I think they're great! 
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  • McConnell delivered my daughter but I saw all the doctors during my pregnancy.  They are all wonderful.
  • I saw both Dr. McConnell and Dr. Devine during my pregnancy.  Dr. McConnell performed my c-section (ran into some complications towards the end).  Both doctors were fantastic and I would recommend both of them. 

  • I'm 20 weeks pregnant and so far they have been great. They recommend that you take your monthly appointment with whichever doctor is available at the time as you any of them could be the on-call doctor when you go into labor. 

     I don't know what their c-section and episiotomy rates are though. I would love to know. Does anyone know where I can find this information? 

  • The McConnell Group is highly recommended and I was told that Lankenau Hospital's maternity ward is one of the best locally.  I saw Dr. Peden and Belden for most of my visits and loved both of them.  Dr. Peden broke my water, however, Dr. Finnegan delivered my daughter on June 11th.  I did not meet him until I was induced at the hospital.   I was pushing for two hours and she was "sunny side up"  he used forceps to help turn her around and all of the nursing staff praised him.  He was awesome as well.  Dr. Devine was on maternity leave for some of my pregnancy but I did meet her at a check up.  I can't say a bad thing about their office.  
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  • I usually saw Devine. Twice I got McConnell, I didn't like her AT ALL. It seemed like she rushed me through, and being a FTM I had a lot of questions. I loved all the others, though!
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