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Gift idea for DD - she wants a robot, help!

I can't believe her memory sometimes.  Last year for Christmas she wanted a robot...Santa didn't bring her a robot.  Well the other day she tells me, "remember when I asked Santa for a robot and he never brought me one?  I still want one".

I asked her more about what she wants and she just said she wants a robot that walks and moves his arms.  Her birthday is coming up so I might get it for her for her birthday, or maybe save it as a Santa gift - I haven't decided yet (Christmas is still too far away to think about!)

Can any of you moms help me find such a robot?  I tried searching Google and some stores but I'm having a hard time finding something.  And some are so expensive!  Ideally I'd like to stay under $40-$50.  Thanks.

Re: Gift idea for DD - she wants a robot, help!

  • What about Alfie the Robot. I think you can find it on Amazon.
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  • ToysRUs in Time Square has a Robot Galaxy. I think they no longer have their own stores and don't know if anyone at that store can tell you if you can create and order one besides in the store but it is a real robot.

    IMHO Alphie is a waste of money.
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  • Thanks so much for your replies!  I love the idea of Alphie - but DD likes to walk and talk like a robot, so I think because it doesn't walk she might not like it as much.  Same with a Hexbug - her big thing lately is walking and talking like a robot.  I'll probably look into the Robot Galaxie - thanks :)
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