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Alternatives to WCM? Dairy challenge fail?

DS is 15 months old, and we did a dairy challenge at 11 months which he failed.  His pedi GI wants us to do another challenge, and I'm a bit gun-shy to try.  We have an appt with a pedi allergist in November so we can see if it's a true allergy but my gut tells me it's not.  He doesn't start having a reaction until a few days into the dairy challenge and it's more of a behavior change (along with blood in the stool).  He doesn't get a rash, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. within 24 he COULD have an allergy but we'll see.  Anyway in the meantime he's still on 3 bottles (shame, I know--we've been trying to switch to the sippy and have tried 6 different kids, all of which he drinks water out of just fine but anything else he just tosses the cup) which we usually mix a bit of formula with rice milk.  His pedi GI says she'd prefer him to be on almond milk which I'd prefer too, but the two days a week he's at daycare he wouldn't be able to have that because he's in a nut-free room.  I guess all this babbling is just because I don't know what to do.  I don't know if I'm comfortable doing another dairy challenge again (how soon did you try again after the first "fail"?).  I don't know how to get him off the bottle onto just a sippy when I don't even know what I'm transitioning him TO.  I also am curious, if your LO drinks almond milk, what kind/flavor/calorie amount you use.

Sorry for the rambling...just looking for some kind of direction.  Thanks!
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Re: Alternatives to WCM? Dairy challenge fail?

  • Our allergist has us wait 6 mo as an infant. DD and DS both failed so then we wait till about 18 mo. DD failed at 18 mo so we waited another year.
    DD drinks almond milk and I give her the vanilla b/c it has more calories. She's a skinny minnie so she needs all the help she can get.
  • Our pedi wanted us to wait and introduce the rice milk first and see how it goes. So far he likes the milk, but we haven't tried a full cup yet. He has been able to eat food with milk baked in like muffins, banana bread, and cake, but we haven't tried yogurt or cheese yet and we may wait until Jan when we go to the pedi again.
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  • Have you tried coconut milk? It's nice and high in fats and calcium, just no proteins. That could be a good daycare alternative since there's no nuts! We use it for my son since he doesn't tolerate dairy (cooked in things, of course) and when goats milk isn't a good idea. GL!
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  • My son didn't outgrow his allergy until 2. We did rice milk up until that point. My older son has peanut and treenut allergies, so almond milk was out and we didn't do soy because of the incidence of additional intolerance and i feel iffy about soy. DS2 loved the vanila rice milk. Plain- not so much. But I kept that on hand for cooking.
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