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Happy Birthday DS1!

I can't believe DS1 is 2!  Poor boy is sick and was running a slight fever yesterday, so he didn't get to go to school and take cupcakes, but my parents did come in from out of town and he got to play with them and go to Chuck E Cheese for dinner.  DS1 wasn't into the games or the rides except for the merry-go-round and he did like the big animatronic mouse.  We are going to have a little party on Saturday with both sets of grandparents.  
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Re: Happy Birthday DS1!

  • Ohmigosh!  I can't believe our November (-ish :) ) babies are turning 2!!!!  Happy Birthday!!!!

    So sorry to hear he was sick!  :(  Poor guy!   DD was sick last year for her 1st birthday.  I was so glad we had nothing planned so we just pushed our family celebration back a day.
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