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Doctor recs in Cypress area?

We just moved here a few months ago, so I hadn't gotten around to finding an Ob/Gyn yet.

Re: Doctor recs in Cypress area?

  • Hi!  I go to Dr. Joe Montgomery in the North Cypress Medical Center on 290 and love him!  I'm 10 weeks and have already seen him twice.  He has US machines in every room, so you get one every visit :)
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  • Thanks! I actually ended up making an appt at the Northwest Women's Center with Dr. Stacy Norton for next Tues. Will definitely check out Dr. Montgomery if I end up feeling the need to doctor shop. I like the idea of an u/s at every visit.

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  • Dr. McGuirk at Northwest Women's Center is my OBGYN.  He's great!  If you don't like your doctor you can always check him out.
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