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How long did you use witch hazel?

I'm 2 weeks postpartum and still using witch hazel in my pads at every bathroom visit. I went one day without it and ended up feeling sore and uncomfortable. I'm wondering how long other moms used it for. Oh, and I had a 3rd degree tear...if that makes a difference. 
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Re: How long did you use witch hazel?

  • I'm just over a week pp, and I only use the witch hazel pads when I have a bowel movement. I had a 2nd degree tear.
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  • Used it until the container was gone from the hospital. There's no shame in using it as long as you need to!
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  • I still use them before bed time. When stitches start to dissolve (I had a 3rd degree tear) OMG does it itch, and the witch hazel helps SO much! So use it until you don't need to, they are amazing.

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  • This time I only used them about 1 week. With DD1 I think I used them longer.
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  • About a week and a half. 
    I will occasionally use them if I'm really uncomfortable, though. 

  • Uhm, 3-4 days?  I couldn't stand the wet feeling.  If I have pain, I use the benzocaine spray. 
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  • I never put it on my pads, but i used a peri bottle & witch hazel wipes every time i went to the bathroom for 6 weeks.  My dr described my tear as "mild 4th degree."  I had pain & discomfort in my muscles, but it only hurt once or twice at my stitches.
  • I put the witch hazel on my pads for at least 2 weeks.  I also tore.  Use them as long as you feel you need them!!
  • I used them for as long as I needed them. They made me feel oh so much better. I also had a numbing spray that was given to me. My LO tore me up in all kinds of ways. My OB told me that I was one of the rare ones that had the joy of being torn all over :)
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  • I only used it while in the hospital because I forgot to take it with me when I was discharged and didn't feel like going out and buying more.
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  • I used them two weeks but what really helped with the sore feeling was folding them in half and leaving them in place for an hour or so
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