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Wilmington NC??

Hi. I am 6 weeks prego living in Wilmington NC. Anyone else in this area?


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Re: Wilmington NC??

  • OH OH ME!!! I'm not pregnant yet though! Hi : )
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  • Hi I'm 28 weeks and I live in the area too!
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  • I live in Wilmington NC! :) I'm 9 weeks pregnant. Super excited! But I don't know anyone else in this area that is expecting. I have a couple of friends that have toddlers.
  • Hi! I am not IN Wilmington but I did live there for 10 years and I only live about 30 minutes from there now. I am 32 weeks pregnant this week, having a boy, already have a girl named Ava who is 3. How about you, do you have any children already? 6 weeks along is one of the most exciting times...did you just find out? Feel free to email me, [email protected]. I have too much time on my hands right now. I can't work b/c of being on moderate bed rest and I am BORED out of my mind lol.
  • I'm 16 weeks and living in the Wilmington area as well, just found out that I'm having a boy today!!! Congratulations on the bun in the oven :D
  • Hey everyone...I'm about 12 weeks pregnant expecting our first child and just relocated to Wilmington!!  I wish they had a section for our area!  Does anyone have any suggestions on daycare or what the going rate is for a nanny these days??
  • This is the largest group from Wilmington since I began posting on here three years ago!  Welcome.   I'm never on here much anymore, as most of the old NC bump group communicates via FB & Twitter.

    I've been in Wilmington since 1999.  I have three little ones. My twin boys are 2, my daughter is almost 8 months.  I recently became a SAHM.

     cmtremul, my kids have never been in daycare because family used to watch my boys, but I did check out hiring a nanny after I had my daughter.  Most of them want between $10-$15 an hour.




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  • Hi, ladies :) I am 8 weeks pregnant with my fifth child. Due in October. Feels kinda weird to be pregnant again after not having been preggo for three years and spending the last year helping other pregnant ladies give birth(I am a doula). How is everyone feeling and what symptoms are you loving/hating at this point in your pregnancy? Any mamas that are interested in getting together email me at [email protected] :)


  • I'm 6 weeks and just relocated to Wilmington from Miami,fl. My husband is opening up the chipotle next to whole foods on oleander!
  • Hi! I'm pretty sure I'm relocating to Wilmington in June and would LOVE to get a bumpies group together!!  I got one together here in Burlington and love meeting new moms!  Anyone else interested??  Please find me on FB - Amanda Shrestha
  • Hey Ladies! I just moved to Wilmington from NYC, this past Saturday. I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant. I joined a meetup group here in Wilmington called, Rock the Bump. Went to my first meetup last night and everyone was so nice! http://www.meetup.com/Rock-the-Bump/ Check it out and join if you'd like to meet some other Preggo ladies.
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