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Two intros, one night!

I can't believe someone posted an intro right as I was typing this one! Great minds think alike :) After a surprising and tough pregnancy, my fiancé and I welcomed our daughter on August 26th via induction. Before I got pregnant, I always said I wanted three children, but as the months ticked by, I realized that I wanted DD to be my one and only. I spent a lot of time lurking on this board, but didn't want to intro until she was born and I was "positive" :) My fiancé wants two children, but I've been clear that I don't share that feeling. He's hoping I'll change my mind as she gets older, but I think time will prove me right. One is the right call for me. Anyway, I can't wait to get more involved around here. I wish they hadn't made the board so hard to get to after the updates this summer! Here's looking forward to lots of great conversation!
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Re: Two intros, one night!

  • Congrats on your recent addition to your family! I still remember those early days. What a daze! We did a lot of nursing and cuddling...all day long. I'm getting all nostalgic over here.
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