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2nd Child Discussion

Hubby and I have an amazing 5-year-old son and I would love another child. Hubby, however, has always been content with just the one. It's become a real sore spot for us. For the last year he has been telling me that he would be willing to go ahead and have another and that we could start trying around October/November 2013. This morning he tells me he's been trying to convince himself that he can do this for me, but has realized he can't. I'm heartbroken and mad-it was cruel to lead me on that way. I am well aware that I am blessed with one healthy, happy child. But I also don't want to be 80 and regretting not having a 2nd child. Have you been through this and how did you cope?

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  • We're the reverse too. DH wanted two. I really thought I'd be willing to do that too. But by the time LO was about a year old, I realized that was impossible. It was never deception. It was just time and gathering additional data.
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  • Ditto previous poster. I think you really need to have an open discussion with your husband and just simply listen to him. You need to hear from him, and he needs to tell you why he doesn't want another child. Don't jump in and refute his reasons, just listen and digest.

    I highly doubt he has lead you on to hurt you. I can totally see my husband doing something like this. He would be struggling so hard internally because what he wants, and what I've told him is my heart's desire are opposite. At the same time one of his heart's desires is also to make me happy and give me what I want.

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