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PoTD: Betty Davis Eyes

In keeping with the affectionate theme from yesterday, let's see those flirty baby eyes!!

Also: Friday will be our first PoTD Challenge! The theme is fairy tales. They can be success or fail pics, they are both cute :)
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                                                                   Bradley 05-04-11 & Tyler 06-18-13
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Re: PoTD: Betty Davis Eyes

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    Here is my Boo a month or so ago.


    ETA: Stupid picture didn't post

  • Jess002 said:

    Took this picture because he kept making a funny face by sucking his lips in, but it works for big eyes too!

    Ds makes this face too! So funny!


  • Have I posted this one before?


    how are you not constantly kissing his face?
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                                                                       Bradley 05-04-11 & Tyler 06-18-13
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    New homemade headband... we're getting a little crafty!
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  • Big brown eyes with long lashes! The girls are going to be jealous!


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  • This was a few weeks ago.
    Murphie82[Deleted User]Achae
  • He was having tummy time in the motel room.


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  • All the babies are so beautiful!!! Everyone is getting so big!

    Here is my lo with some flirty eyes! I don't know why the pic is sideways. It's the first pic I posted :)!

    [Deleted User]Achae
  • amie444 said:

    Hello there.image

    So cute. AND i have the same outfit for my DD. :)
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