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Question from IF - re: embryos that made it to blast

Hi girls!

Question for you from an IF lurker :) ...

If you did IVF and were able to culture out to day 5, how many embryos did you have originally and how many of those made it to blasts? Out of those blasts, how many made it to freeze?

Hope that makes sense. I've been on Dr. Google (bad, I know) and it looks like about 30% make it to blast from embryo stage. I was just wondering what your experience was. Thanks for your insight!

Re: Question from IF - re: embryos that made it to blast

  • Crystal120410Crystal120410 member
    edited October 2013
    Every cycle with every person is going to be different.
    Ivf#1 6r5f ET1 froze 3
    Ivf#2 10r8f ET2 froze 0
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  • I had 7 retrieved, 6 fertilized with ICSI and 4 made it to blast. I transferred 2 and froze 2.
    Me 36/DH 46 Me: Low AMH (.21) DOR, mild endo; Started seeing RE 11/12
    Jan-March '13 3 IUIs Clomid + Trigger = BFN
    April '13 IVF 1 MDLF converted to 4th IUI due to 3 runaway follicles! BFN
    July/Aug '13 IVF 1.2 Long Lupron = 7R, 6F, 2T= BFP!!!
    Beta 1=512, Beta 2=1,368 Beta 3= 4,128
    It's a boy!!!!
    SUA, GD
    EDD 4/26/14

    He's Here! Arrived 4/15/14!!!!

    September 2015 - FET with remaining embryos
    Twins! EDD: 6/14/15

    PAIF/SAIF Everyone welcome!
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  • I had 14 retrieved, 13 mature, 11 fertilized. I believe there were 7 on day 5 still growing. I transferred one and had 4 to freeze. Good luck!
    Me:30 low AMH; DH:30 MFI (count, motility, morphology)
    2 rounds clomid 100 mg -BFN
    IUI#1- 25 mg clomid- July 2012= BFN!
    IUI #2 August = BFN!
    IUI #3 September = BFN!

    IVF #1 November - converted to IUI #4 due to poor response = BFN
    IVF #1.2 February- converted to IUI #5 due to poor response = BFN
    IVF #1.3 April- micro dose Lupron flare with HGH; 14R, 13M, 11F! Transfer of 1 day 5 blast on 4/30, 4 frosties. BFP! Beta #1 9dp5dt= 179; Beta #2 11dp5dt= 442; Beta #3 4106 Stick baby stick!!

    *trying to keep hope*

  • I had 4 retrieved, 2 made it to blast and were frozen (w/vitrification) and the one that was thawed continued to grow and was transferred as a hatching blast which resulted in my BFP. The other is still frozen. 

    ** After  2 1/2 years of Unexplained IF, 2 failed medicated cycles, and 4 failed IUI's - our baby girl came to us through the miracle of Mini IVF! **

  • 18 retrieved, 13 fertilized, 4 to day-5 blast, 2 frozen. Currently 33w with first SET of one day-5 blast.
    Can't figure out the signature thing, so here's the short, short version.....first daughter born on November 10, 2013. She was conceived through the magic of IVF after 2+ years of TTC.
  • I think it's average to lose about half. We lost 11 out of 15 between day 4-5 because of DNA sperm fragmentation. My RE considered the loss significant and we had almost 27% survive. GL

    ~ Everyone Welcome ~
    TTC: 05/2011 Me: 32, All Clear DH: 38 Dx: MFI Low Testosterone & 1% Morphology
    IVF #1 w/ICSI & IMSI, 12/03/12: ER: 27R, 20M, 15F
    4 blasts frozen (3BA 4BA 4BB 5BB) b/c of moderate OHSS
    FET #1: 02/08/13 Transferred 3BA & 4BA | HPT 5dp5dt BFP!

    10dp5dt Beta #1 - 810 | 12dp5dt Beta #2 - 1843 BabyFetus Ticker
  • 10 fertilized and 6 made it to blast

  • It varies- even with the same patient and the same treatment.

    Our first IVF we had 12 retrieved, 9fert: 2 d5 blasts fresh and 3 d5 frozen (2 morulas).
    Second had 11 retrieved, 8 fert: 2 d5 blasts fresh and 3 frozen (all highest quality blasts).
    Third had 14 retrieved, 12 fert: (no fresh transfer) but only 2 d5 blasts made it to freeze.

    Our worst retrieval/fert numbers resulted in the highest number of high quality embryos.
    Our best numbers- the lowest.

    In the end it doesn't really matter though- you only need one good embryo to make a baby. :)
    Friends for 17 years. Married 10. TTC since Jan 2009.
    3 IVFs, 4 FETs, 11 transferred embryos, 3 losses (c/p, 6w, 17w)
    2012: Lost "Peanut" at 17weeks to PTL/IC.
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    2013: IVF#3/FET#4  Elisabeth CJ born April 30, 2014
    Cerclage, P17, and 3 months of bed rest brought us our Rainbow.
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     Dum spiro, spero.
  • We had 6 fertilized and 3 made it to freeze (we didn't transfer any). 
    image  image
    О Привязать! Z!
    The Science Babies debuted 5/6/14 @ 34 weeks
  • 9R, 7M, 4F, only 2 made it to blast on day 5 and we didn't have any left to freeze as we transferred both.
    CafeMom Tickers
    TTC since July 2011
    BFP #1: 2/15/12-Ectopic/Mtx at 6 wks

    BFP #2: 10/12/12-m/c at 5 wks. 
    BFP #3: 8/27/13
    Me: MTHFR, Low AMH (1.1), High NK cells and Antiphospholipid Antibodies.
    DH:MFI-Low morph (1%), DNA fragmentation: Excellent!
    5 rounds of clomid, 3 IUIs, and multiple non-medicated cycles- BFFN                                                      
    IVF with ICSI in August 2013 brought us our babies.  ER-9R, 7M, 4F w/ICSI  ET of 2-Grade 2 blasts. 
    + HPT at 6dp5dt. #1 (8dp5dt)- 105    #2 (13dp5dt)- 510  #3 (15dp5dt)- 960  #4 (17dp5dt)- 1889
    Dx shortened cervix, PTL, and preeclampsia during pregnancy.  Lots of medications and 13 weeks of bedrest, babies were born healthy at 34w4d!

  • IVF #1- 19R, 11M, 7F--- 0 frozen

    IVF#2- 11R, 7M, 5F---0 frozen

    IVF #3- 19R, 11M, 8F---0 frozen

    IVF #4- 45R, 33M, 26F-- 7 frozen (baby is from FET #1 following this cycle)

    So basically I guess my only cycle with frozen embies was 15% of the number retrieved, 21% of those that were mature and 27% of those that fertilized. It was/is suspected that I have an egg quality issue I'm assuming I was only able to get those to freeze due to the large number I had to work with....but thats just me of course :)

    Me: 33, Endocrine issues & FVL       DH: 32, Nothing 
    NTNP 2009-2012         TTC since 2012:
    • Clomid, 2 IUI cycles, and 5 IVF cycles = BFN
    • FET #1   August 2013 = BFP!     EDD 5/11/14
    • Jack dx at 19w1d with Dandy Walker on 12/16/13
    • Severe Pre-e /HELLP set in Jack born sleeping at 20w1d on 12/23/13
    • FET #2 --July 2014  BFP!  ---  EDD  4/5/15

    Jack has handpicked his sibling up there :)

    My blog about IF and loss ... Kate's IF Blog

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  • For this cycle ( our best of 4) we had exactly 30% - 3/10 embryos were blasts on day 5. We transferred two and froze one. Our previous cycle at this lab was 2/6 so also close to 30%. A lot depends on your lab but the potential of your embryos is heavily dependent on egg & sperm quality.

    Age: 35 TTC since 2005, MFI & DOR 

    IVF #1 Sep '11 - canceled poor response

     IVF #2 Nov '11  8R/8M/4F 3dt x2 - chemical

    IVF #3 April '12  11R/6M/4F 3dt x2 - m/c

    FET #1 Aug 2012  3dt x2 - BFN

    **new RE**

     IVF #4 Jan '13 BFN 11R/6M/6F 5dt x2 - BFN

     IVF #5 July '13 16R/10M/10F 5dt x2 + 1 frostie

    9dp5dt Beta 1 = 344!! 16dp5dt. Beta 2 = 4822 7wk u/s= 2 heartbeats!

    Twin girls! 3/6/14


  • 25 retrieved
    24 mature
    12 ICSI'ed/12 traditional fertilization
    11 of the ICSI group fertilized, 11 of the traditional group fertilized (so 22 total fertilized)
    15 made it to blasts
    1 for SET
    4 didn't make it to freeze
    10 went in the freezer

    Six years of infertility and loss, four IUIs, one IVF and one very awesome little boy born via med-free birth 10.24.13.
  • We had 15 retrieved, and of that 10 were mature. Only 4 fertilized and by day 3 one of them didn't make it, one of them was 6 cells, and two were 8 cells. We transferred the two 8 cell embies and left the six cell to culture. It did not make it to blast/freeze stage. I'm not sure if either of the 8 cell embies would have made it to freeze or not since we decided to transfer them both on day 3.
    TTC since June, 2011 with anovulatory PCOS, 1 blocked tube, and mild MFI
    3rd cycles clomid + Ovidrel = BFN
    4th cycles letrozole/Ovidrel + IUI = BFN
    IVF #1 = BFP! Twins due 2/5/2014
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  • 7 retrieved, all fertilized w/ICSI, 4 made it to blast for CCS testing, 2 viable and frozen due to OHSS, SET 1 and saved the other for possible sibling.
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  • I had 4 mature and fertilize and 4 make it to blasts.

    We put in 1 and 2 made it to freeze.

    So we only lost 1 between blast and freeze.

    Me: 33 DH: 32 SA#1 low count (6mil) SA#2- now in IUI range!(30mil) Dx:MFI
    11/1- IUI#1,12/1- IUI#2, 1/2- IUI#3 all BFFN
    IVF#1. Long Lupron.ER 3/8 10R,4M,5F. ET 3/3-one 1AB, 2 frosties 5dp5dt-BFP!! Beta 3/25-794 Beta 3/27- 1794
    First u/s 4/8 saw hb. 4/22 missed mc 8w3d. d&c 4/26
    FET #1- bcp start 6/9. ET 7/12. 2 perfect blasts.5dpt-BFP!! 
    Beta 7/24 -1,239!! Beta 7/26- 2569 Beta 7/29- 7120.  U/S 8/7 hb 118! U/S 8/14 hb 143! U/S 8/20 hb 170. Graduated!! Stick baby stick! 

  • 15R, 13M, 9F, 4 made it to blast. Transferred 2, froze 2. Expecting twins.
    m/c my Angel Baby in 2000
    IUIs with clomid from 2009-2011   Feb 2011 - Tubal surgery (repair)  Jan 2012 - Tubal surgery (remove)  
    8/13 IVF#1.  Lupron/Follistim protocol - b/g twins born April 1 at 34 +1.  Luckiest woman in the world.
    8/15 FET #1 - transferred 1 thawed embryo - Pregnant with Baby C, it's a girl!  Due April 2016. Pregnancy Ticker  

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  • Despite what you see here, having blasts to freeze isn't super common. Maybe 1/3 to maybe 1/2 of women have frozens after an ER. I've been in many support groups and SO many couples do not have frozens. It's really best to not expect it to happen or you'll be crushed.

    Also, you're asking on a board of women who have had success, many on their 1st IVF,  so it might be better to ask on the IF board, where there's a more varied experience and you'd get a more balanced response.

    I totally realize I'm an outlier on this board and our story is an "extreme" on but certainly I am someone with a lot of IVF experience.

    Out of 91 eggs retrieved over 4 IVFs, we didn't have any blasts to freeze until we did IVF#4.
    And then we had 6. Out of those 3 were normal. PG with 1 now and 2 frozen. Truth.
    BzeetyD = 38, Mr. BzeetyD = 44 together 12/02 married 9/08
    TTC #1 since 1/10
    DX: Unexplained/??? MFI issues

    Our lil' lost sparks:
    5w3d loss 7/30/10 - EDD March 2011
    8w loss 4/15/11 - EDD November 2011
    8w3d loss 8/2/12 - EDD March 2013
    4w c/p loss 10/29/12 - EDD July 2013

    Long story: trying on our own + testing testing testing with 6 rounds of Clomid, more testing, injectables + TI, laparoscopy - one tube blocked, 2 IUIs with Follistim...BFNs.
    RPL testing all normal, Karyotyping normal

    Moving on to IVF.

    IVF #1 April 2012 = BFN, IVF #2 June 2012 = BFP. U/S 7/23 = saw heartbeat but measuring behind. Follow up U/S on 7/30 - no heartbeat. D&C 8/2. Trisomy 12. IVF #3 Oct 2012 = Chemical Pregnancy

    Phone consult with CCRM on 12/12/12 - ODWU 1/4/13 - both tubes clear(!) - AFC 24, AMH 3.2, FSH 9.6, LH 5.4, E2 25. DH has high frag rate but improved!
    IVF #4 March 2013 CCRM. EP protocol w/ Menopur, Gonal-F & Dexamethasone. ER 3/29 & IMSI, PICSI. 43R 13M 10F 6blasts bio'd. CCS testing reveals 3 normals!!!
    FET 5/31/13 of 1 4AA blast - thawed and expanded. 4dp5dt BFP.
    Beta 9dp5dt = 181, 11dp5dt = 427. 1st u/s showed a healthy heartbeat! EDD 2/16/14

    After 4 years of hoping and heartbreak, our sweet little bean was born on 2/19/14
    We are so in love with her.

    "I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it."

    Everybody is welcome!!!
    katekat8721zazu13Mr. & Mrs. Woodtick
  • I had 10 retrieved, 7 fertilized, and 6 made it to blasts.

    transferred 2 and one stuck!

    TTC Since 6/12 regular periods with annovulation DH S/A healthy Hormones normal-all unexplained IF currently 10/12 50mg of clomid-no response-BFN 11/12 100mg of clomid-1 mature follicle-IUI #1=BFN 12/8/12 clear HSG 12/12 100mg of clomid-2 mature follicles-IUI #2=BFN 1/13 5mg femara un-monitored TI, BFN 2/13 7.5mg femara 2 mature follicles, IUI#3 BFN
  • IVF # 1 -  17R, 8F, all 8 made it to blasts, transferred 2, froze 5, BFN

    IVF #2 -  18R, 7F, 7 made it to blasts, transferred 2, none made it to freeze - BFN

    all of our mature eggs made it to blasts and we still only got BFNs

    DS was a break cycle BFP, and currently pg off of a medicated TI cycle.

    After 4 years, 3 failed IUIs and 2 failed IVFs our surprise miracle is here!
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    My Blog

    TTC # 2 BFP 03/02/13 = CP, BFP 05/14/13 = CP, BFP 08/09/13 = CP

    RPL testing = normal

    TI Cycle #1, 50 clomid days 3-7, 150 iu Follistim days 8-11 = BFP! EDD May 22, 2014

    Betas: 13 DPO = 79, 15 DPO = 149, 19 DPO = 788, 22 DPO = 2031

  • 9R, 8M, 6F w/ICSI, 3 made it to blast. Transferred 2, last one made it to Day 6 but was poor quality and not frozen.
    DS #1 - 2/2/2000  DS #2 - 9/29/2006   DD #1 - 3/8/2014
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  • diamante1181diamante1181 member
    edited October 2013
    One fresh ivf cycle for me. These were the results.

    4 1AA blasts. Froze 3.

    One fresh transfer of 1 blast: bfn
    One fet of 1 blast: bfn
    Second fet of 2 blasts: twins.

    Good luck! Your clinic would have the best insight of your blasts as far as how many make it to freeze, success rates, etc.
    On 10/23/13 Baby Sophie and Baby Gabriel born at 21+5 weeks. They grew wings and flew away from us. May God bless them always. We love you beans!
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