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Throwing Tantrums - 13 month old

I'm sure this has been asked already but how do you deal with tantrums? I didn't think they would start quite so early (my daughter has been throwing them since she turned a year old) and I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. She starts wailing, falls on the floor, bangs her head, etc...and always because we won't give her something she wants (cell-phone, etc). Are you supposed to just ignore? Hold them? Something else?

Re: Throwing Tantrums - 13 month old

  • Oh yes, DD has perfected the fit.  ;)  I typically tell her that I'm sorry that she is upset and then try to distract her with something else.  When that doesn't work, I will say that I'm going to step away so she can finish by herself.  I compliment her calm behavior upon my return.  Crazy that it happens with such a tiny one, huh??!!!!!
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  • Thank you, guys! Will try to redirect or ignore.
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