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How do you put baby down during the day?

LO is 6 days old and I feel like I'm constantly attached to him. I love it, but I have a 3 yo and 21mo that I need to have free arms for too. My parents have been here everyday to help me until DH gets home. My moms really strict about me following the "do not life over 20lbs" rule. I need some suggestions on how to get LO out of my arms when he's not BFing. I've tried the swing and it only works for about 10mins. I've tried a bouncy seat and he still wakes up from a deep sleep. Even at night he won't sleep long on the RnP or snuggle nest. He sleeps best in my arms or up agains my chest. I know this is normal for this age, but I'm trying to prepare myself for when I'm alone with the 3 LO's.
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Re: How do you put baby down during the day?

  • Have you tried putting him in a carrier like the ergo? You would have your hands free, but he would still feel secure and happy since you were wearing him.
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  • Try tightly swaddling him.
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  • I second the wearing him suggestion. It will free up your arms and he will feel close to you. Most babies love it. Also, do try the swaddle like the other PP suggested if you haven't already, my LO sleeps best when swaddled.
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  • Wear him, but I suggest a wrap. I have an ergo and it didn't mesh well with a newborn.
  • I don't sadly. It's a mix of wearing, laying with, and learning to do things one handed. :p I would suggest wearing, as pp said a wrap is amazing! I do most chores that way or else things wouldn't get done. 

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  • Baby wear.
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  • I'd baby wear and enjoy the heck out of the time I had with my newborn while others are around to give you an extra hand.

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  • I didn't wear my oldest and didn't think it was something I'd do with this one.  He forced me to change my mind :)  We got a Moby and it's the only reason my arms didn't fall off those first few weeks.
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  • Aside from babywearing, try swaddling and then putting your LO in the swing.  It was the only way DD would tolerate the swing for a while!
  • I highly recommend baby wearing!!  For a newborn I suggest the moby wrap or the ergo with an infant insert.  They love being held close and tight and my LO falls right to sleep.  It is the only way I can do housework some days and I also use it while running errands or visiting with family.
  • During the day, DS sleeps best in the pnp.  It was the first place we put him when we got home from the hospital. 

    At night we wrap him up tight and put him in his crib.  


  • I got a Boppy Lounger which has been really helpful.  It's comfortable, feels similar to the boppy feeding pillow and you can put it right next to you on the couch.  Sometimes it's the only way I can pump.  My daughter didn't like the swing at all before, but started liking it around 6 weeks or so and now can sleep for up to 3 or 4 hours in it as long as she's not fussy when I first put her in it.  Good luck, I don't even know how people manage two little ones!
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  • I love my Ktan wrap...perfect for a newborn!
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