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Nominations: Snarkiest (SELF NOMINATION)

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It's that time!!!! Nominate your Bumpie of choice for Snarkiest! 

Please read the TTCAL awards timeline that I posted earlier today to get an idea of how this will work. Also, please keep make nominations for the other categories! To have easy access to the nominations I've already posted, please click on my screen name and view my recent threads!

All nominations MUST be seconded to secure a Bumpies name on the ballot!

Best of luck loves!!!!!


Re: Nominations: Snarkiest (SELF NOMINATION)

  • snegde said:
    Is this a self nomination? Just clarifying so we don't repeat yesterday's mess. Don't want any hurt feeling!
    Good idea Snegde! Self nominations would work here!

  • You got this @snegde!


    Me: 38, DH: 40 | Married April 2012 | TTC since October 2012  

    DX: Hypothyroid, DOR, Right Tube Blocked, Uterine Fibroid (awaiting hysteroscopy) | DH: Beta Thal Minor, ED (Cialis)

    OCT - DEC 2012 | TI | BFN

    JAN 2013 | BFP ~ EDD 9/23/13

    MAR 2013 | MMC due to Trisomy 10 ~ D&E MAR. 8

    APR - JUN 2013 | TTA

    JUL - NOV 2013 | TI |  BFN

    NOV 2013 | HSG & SHG ~ Right Tube Blocked & "Thickening" of Uterus

    DEC 2013 - JAN 2014 | NTNP |  BFN ~ Switched to new practice

    JAN - FEB 2014 | 3-D u/s & SHG ~ Uterine Fibroid ~ Awaiting Hysteroscopy

    ***All Are Welcome!***

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  • It doesn't seem anyone wants to put their name in the hat for this one, but I think I can throw down some snark when necessary.
    I have short term memory loss. Do not take it personally if I do not remember you right away.
    No longer trying to conceive at all.
    BFP #1 12/1/02 DD born 7/25/03 
    BFP #2 7/23/10 EDD 3/30/11 m/c 8/17/10 We will always miss you Angelique Marie! 
     BFP #3 4.13.11 EDD 12.18.11 m/c 5/13/11 d&c 5/18/11 We will always miss you Sprout Ryker! 
     Lucky Lee (furbaby) born 1.29.12 
     Midnight Marie (furbaby) born 7.4.12 passed for unknown reasons 9.19.12 Missing my jumping bean. 
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    ♥♥ Pg/PAL Welcome! ♥♥
    [Deleted User][Deleted User]KMW08
  • Ah why the hell not, most probably think it of me anyways..

    Yes. I look forward to your honest and snarky posts. You make me smile.

    TTCAL Siggy Challenge: "He's my favorite.  His birthday is the same as mine almost"

    image image

    Missing my little one lost at 9 weeks on 2.24.13. brokenhearted but not broken... 

    d&c 5/21/13... Still Healing, Still Standing... 

    MMC discovered 10/2/2013, TWINS... d&c 10/7/2013.  I still miss you, little ones. 

    Surgery December 2013 to remove a 10+cm fibroid... Open myomectomy. Benched for 3-9 months... 
    Will TTC summer Summer 2014 we hope!

    Dear God, Since I couldn't hold my little one in my lap and tell him about you, could you hold him in your lap and tell him about me? 

    PgAL and PAL always welcome...

    MrsWallick[Deleted User]KMW08
  • @Qfrump....shhhh ;))


    BFP#4 3/17/14 - rainbow Baby BOY arrived 11/10/14 !!

    DX: Uterine Septum - Resection 9/5/13 || MTHFR Hetero A1298C || My Chart

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    Qfrumpjap618[Deleted User][Deleted User]
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